Mostro FM synth

this looks neat


ok, I gotta have this thing. I want to be first in line with their eventual Kickstarter.

The form factor and footprint are nice. But already having the Reface DX, I would want more control than that.

Yeah I’m all for FM hardware but this looks way to limited both in control and specs from what I can tell. By the sound of it just sine waves? How many OP? Can’t see how to control each operator independently? Need much more in every way to be interested personally. Doesn’t seem as deep as even a Volca FM

This one is definitely unconventional. It looks like it’s all about tweaking key parameters for different types of algorithms. I’m into the sound from the demos; they sound complex, even though the depth of programming might not be… that could be a real charm. Think of all you can do with a 303. That’s how I’m looking at this one; cute, simple, but very complex sounding. Looks fun. Knobs.

Mmm. Just can’t see or hear the complexity here unfortunately.
Have you seen the specs yet?
Just curious why you would consider this as I remember you said you had bought two modor nf-1 recently (is that what it’s called?).
I would have thought fm on that would be deeper than this?

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There are some cool sounds in those demos I posted. I really like the Modor’s FM; it’s pretty basic though, which is fine for poly sounds. You can layer 3 sets of operators being modulated by another respective single operator for each if you set all the oscillators to FM. But you can’t have 3 operators in series. I’m betting that this one is capable of more complex operator arrangements, but with limited tweakability; which again, might be a very novel thing that makes FM fun in a unique way… similar to Elektron or TE’s simplified implementations of FM on their synths.

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Hello everyone
Did anybody tried this synth in person?
Really like the form factor and price

Mine’s shipping end Oct :dark_sunglasses:

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Please tell us what you think as soon as you will have it)))

Tell us, what do you think?

I just stumbled upon this online, looks and sounds really nice. anyone knows what’s going on with it?

This does look/sound really good actually