MOTU announces M6 audio interface


Bus powered still, but PSU option makes iOS and.or standalone use easier (no need for powered usb hub cable spaghetti)

$399 street


M2 / M4 / M6 comparison:


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I was JUST looking at the M4 documentation and I’ve seen the M6 in there and I’m like “wtf is M6”?
I suppose it could be my next audio interface :slight_smile:

Same. The latency is so low on modern MOTU.
This is at the top of my list for bus powered MacBook Air mobile work. So my UL MK4 can stay at home.


Interested to see the price…


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it looks fantastic with 2 headphones outs and 6 inputs on the rear, no front cables mess for a permanent setup is a nice thing. I’ll wait for Julian Krause to drop some dazzling graphs of this thing :grimacing:


Looks great. MOTU keeps adding those nice SABRE DAC’s to their lineup.

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Great to see that MOTU continues the M series.

I own the M4 and I’m totally happy with it. It has a great sound, ultra low latency, a extremely useful loopback option and simply works without any hassles. And, not to forget, it is class-compliant.


If I needed more I/O, I’d definitely consider this one. The M4 has been exactly what I’ve needed since it came out. The M6 has some nice tweaks to the design that should prove useful for many. The option of powering via a PSU or USB is a nice touch. Dual headphone outputs, too.


I have the M4 and i love it, sounds great, but id like to see a version with 8 ins


What do they mean with “standalone loopback”. Can I use the M6 as basic mixer using the Gain to level the channels?

Jup ! Works with the m2 and m4 as well. You just need to connect it to power


B&H has them in stock

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thomann as well (not sure why it’s parsed as sweden, adjust your location / currency to see the price for your location)

I have a question about my M6 - or about Motu/interfaces in general. I thínk I’ve installed the driver, which should make latency even better. But I’m not sure if I did it correctly. Is there a way to check if the driver is installed and running?

for the ULmk5 there’s a thingy that checks it, I imagine you need something specific to the M series…

Hmm, can’t seem to find it for M series. Anyone knows if it exists? I might just email Motu with a link to your link @alechko to ask them if it exists for M series

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Probably because it’s posted on a Swedish website :slight_smile:

I’ve found this link suggesting several things to check for M driver installation, it’s for mac though