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Sorry to ask this question for the millionth time, but the method is still unclear - I’m sure seasoned forum users are sick of this!

I’d like my MPC5000 to change Octatrack patterns when I change sequences on the MPC. In the SYNC menu my OT is set to receive prog change, and my auto channel is set to MIDI channel 11 (no reason other than my midi keyboard is set to this number). The OT is receiving the MPC clock etc and starts/stops the OT via midi no problem. However, when I change sequence on my MPC, the OT pattern does not change.

Is this all I have to set up, or is it still the case you have to change settings in the OT MIDI sequencer?

Many thanks in advance.

As far as I know, the MPC does not send out Program Change messages when you change sequence.

You can probably add a program change message to a sequence on your MPC as it should support most of the MIDI standard. You might want to send it a little ahead of when you want the change though.

There is no need to do anything in the OT’s MIDI sequencer.

You need to set up the MPC 5000 to send MIDI Program Change messages. That is described on page 34 of the MPC’s manual.

You will need to set the MIDI channel number appropriately.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks, I was missing the necessity to change the Program field value to ‘No.1’ on the main page.

Works fine now,