MPC Thread : MPC Live - MPC X - MPC One (Part 2)

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New thread!

We are over 10000 posts!



Oof, trying to get first in on Part 2!!!

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yoooooooo MPC for the win


Fourth ? Anyways - was a great thread - cant wait for the 2.11 update. Still eager to get the disk streaming.

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@J-Hz dug the video you shared in the old thread, I have that same setup (mpc live + launchkey mini mk3 and a mixer with different inputs), I love this sort of sound design stuff.

Look at the set list feature. Many think that is disc streaming.

Akai would have made a huge point of it if it was included

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Haven’t followed MPC news in a while – have there been any updates on the prospect of getting the Force arranger?

I don’t think they’d take the wind out their own sails like that. the update peek this far in advance shot in some unpainted back room suggests they were just grabbing a bit of attention while stuffs going on rather than dead silence. Nobody will complain about extra features and it gets people talking again. I presume they’ll announce this mpc keys and maybe even other additions to the firmware. The whole thing was just too janky, the last minute interview/run down fumbling on the machine. Trying to sound too pumped over small features. I just doubt that this is it. Why even bother putting this interview out there instead of waiting if not just a teaser. I’m not even just holding out for what I want, but even if it’s something completely unanticipated I think it will probably be something more. Maybe even just the keys release if nothing else related to the MPC


I got the same feeling.

Like they only announced it as they were at Superbooth. The date is still far away and we know software is worked on till the last minute.

Versus the demos that Teenage Engineering were doing… out of a freaking camper van in the parking lot?! Lol… I wouldn’t let the location define the video. Anyway, Akai accomplished exactly what they wanted to accomplish - they’ve got people talking about the MPC again, and we even closed our last thread out at the 10,000 post max and started a new one. June 23 will come a lot faster than people think.


Would you like a Force in a MPC Live form factor?


I’d actually love that-would prob be perfect. I really liked the force but could not get on with the form factor and so have ended up with a live 2. Your sketch would be perfect!!

Ah well. Happy enough with the MPC, though what I’d really love is the Force arranger and particularly mixer in it… hoping for that update.

I had a MPC One after having used the Force for two years. I just couldn’t get along with the MPC workflow. The 16 pads felt counter intuitive the way the step sequencer flows from bottom to top. I liked the form factor thought. The Force is simply not built to rest on your lap. Too bulky :wink:

I sketched this to imagine if a Force would even be realistic in a smaller form factor.

crossfader and screen on the other side!!!
but otherwise very nice

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First iteration I had the fader on the bottom right, like Octatrack. Moved it upper right. Like Force. Made sense. Why would you move it to the left?

cause I prefer to control faders, knobs, and realtime modulations with my left hand while triggering pads with my right hand

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all of the circuits, synstrom deluge, and polyend tracker, play, grid, and launchpads prove the formfactor of a smaller Force is viable

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even better inspiration c’mon akai