MPC1k bye bye


I just cannot take it anymore and finally decided to swap MPC1k for Digitakt -> the main reason is the sequencer, since logic got the pattern sequencer I just cannot do without variable pattern length and other modern x0x sequencing goodies. But hate clicking things with mouse.

Never got too deep into the jjos - was just syncing couple of synths and running notes into them, plus running beats from 1k. I suppose Digitakt can do that no problem plus I will get what I need and more. It looks like used MPC1k will get me around 80+% of what used Digitakt is…
Do not want to keep them both, I do not think there is a reason for that (for me)

Is there Digitakt v2 in the works and should I wait for v1 to drop in price?



I cannot attest to the differences, but I don’t think prices are going down for a while. Your best bet is to pick up early before prices go up.

I’d personally rather have the MPC 1000 as it’s a very deep and rewarding instrument as well as a fully-fledged music production tool. It has stereo samples, sample layering, round robins, live looping, loads of sample memory, velocity sensitive pads and sooooo much more.

But if you’re after something more immediate that can drive a synth or two, the Digitakt is a fab option.

If you’ve got JJOS you could explore line patterns and pad pattern mode for all sorts of past looping and ploymeter fun.

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I was looking into it but, I just want to xOx the patterns and change the lengths on the fly - I know there is a 808 mode but it is just a little bit too slow compared to what I see on Digitakt videos…

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Was able to swap 1K for Digitakt! Let the fun begins!