MS-20 Mini > A4

I am still quite new to synthesizers, so please forgive me if this is a silly question.

I have my MS-20 Mini “out” plugged into the A4 “In Left” so I can use the A4 FX with the Mini. I want to have two hands available to “play” (keyboard and knobs) the Mini. However, I need one hand to hold a keyboard key/button down on the A4 in order for the sound to come through for the track. That leaves me one hand short. Is there any way to keep a track “open” to receive a sound without pressing a key? (I have OSC 1 set at InL.) Or is my whole approach askew?

I am not trying to sequence the Mini (via CV), which seems to be the operation in the opposite direction - I just want to play it and use the A4 FX (which sounds great with it).

By the way, after I purchased the MS-20 Mini, I got the A4 to compliment its sound. They make a terrific pair.


Sounds like you are using an A4 synth track (track 1-4) instead of just the FX track.

Go to the FX track (track 5)
Go to OSC1 page
Turn up the volume on the external input (center it if you like, add Delay Rev and ChR to taste).

From what it sounds like you have the MS-20 set up as an OSC for one of the A4 synth tracks. You can do that if you want to use the A4 envelopes, filters etc but theres no need when you are using the MS-20 ones.

Sweet! I always love it when there is a simple answer. Thank you for your excellent help!

No problem.
When you get a bit more comfortable with it you will have hours of fun P-Locking CV from the A4 to the MS-20 for some made LFO craziness.

Addition: to use the normal tracks as filtering tracks set the osc to the correct input and then place trigs where you want the “gate” to pass the audio thru. Or set a note on trig 1 with INF note length to keep the gate open. You don’t need to hold a key down.

Thank you for the additional information. I find it takes me a while to get my head around some of the complexities (at least to me) of the A4 - but at the same time, those very complexities sometimes offer multiple paths to the same goal - if that makes sense. At any rate, I had great fun last night playing the Mini through the A4 FX!