Multi Trig Channel for control of all 6 tracks?

Hi, I’ve been trying to get a way to change parameters on multiple tracks of the monomachine at once, like the ctr al functionality of Machinedrum. I’ve read in a couple of places that this can be achieved using the Multi Trig Midi Channel (channel 7 by default). I’ve tried this with an external midi encoder set to the CC’s of various parameters, and it doesn’t work. (Nothing at all happens on midi channel 7, although it is set to multi trig in the settings)

I’ve tried the midi device on Channel 9 (auto) and Channels 1-6 (Tracks 1-6) and it works fine. Is there a setting I need to change, am I doing something else wrong or am I misunderstanding Multi Trig?

edit: here’s a comment that implies multi trig mode can do this Ideas to replicate Md ctr all on MnM - #5 by Omar

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Which CCs have you tried using?

I don’t remember very well, but I believe you need to:

  • use the ALL TRK setting for the Multi Trig feature,
  • send only the messages that are assigned to mimic the action of the SFX-6’s joystick (PitchBend, ModWheel (CC1) and BreathController (CC2)), and
  • assign the destination(s) you want to control to each joystick action (Left, Right, Up, Down).

Edit to add:
as described here:

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Thanks for your response!

I was testing using the synthesis page and the amplification page CCs, around 48-60ish.

I made sure I was on ALL TRK in the Multi Trig options.

I was not using the joystick options, or a joystick controller (I used a Doepfer Pocket Dial), the joystick options are not something I understand yet, so I see now I’ll have to dive into that.

Am I correct in understanding then that there are only three parameters that can be controlled using Multi Trig: PitchBend, ModWheel (CC1) and BreathController (CC2)?

Not exactly.

I believe that those three are the incoming controllers - they substitute for the joystick on the SFX-6 keyboard version of the MM - that MultiTrig will listen for and distribute to the MM’s tracks.

In the kit you can assign which synthesis parameters those three controllers control on each track.