Multichannel Recording with XONE96

Hey guys,

I know this is not Elektron related, but I’m really on the edge with this.

I have my debut live set tomorrow and we are recording for film, so I would love to record all channels from my XONE 96 separately into a second DAW I have connected to the mixer.

People say it should work, but I’m only getting the master channel 11/12 into my DAW.

Do you guys have any tip for me how this could work out… I already updated firmware.

Would be amazing if someone could help me.

Thank you in advance, Julien.

There are buttons on the back to select the sources for the USB sends on the main channels, line or phono. Are they set to phono while you’re using line connections, or vice versa?

all my inputs are coming from Ableton via USB.
So I’ve selected USB one all 4 main channels.

I also tried these buttons bud didnt help :confused:

Any other idea?

Yes… USB input is not a possible USB send source, only line and phono. Record your feeds in Ableton before output to the X96. Fader action isn’t recorded anyway with phono or line source. It s sent to USB at the channel input (pre-fader and eq), not post-fader.

A second daw?

Can you explain a bit more about your setup. More information will make it easier to help.

ok, so multitrack recording for the performance is not possible then…

Can I somehow say that one channel does not go to to main recording?

yes, I have one DAW as inputs channel on the XONE96 via USB and I use one DAW for recording of the Set via USB.

But I just found out it doesn’t work like that :confused:

Keep the fader down…

If it sounds on the main channel, it s sent to the main channel USB output (though not if it s the master fx insert, but that s another story…).

Why not use the same DAW to also record?


Btw, this is the appropriate thread for this discussion:


Cause I wanna have it separately from the performing DAW… security wise.

Not sure why? Running a second daw sounds a lot more risky and CPU heavier than simply adding a few more audio tracks within the same project to record into. I mean, that’s basically why it’s so great to be able to do that.

What type of safety net would a second daw provide here exactly?

If you want to be really secure, add a second laptop and use the second sound card to record

Yeah but also if I have to pause, and play again because of synch issues of my machines, the recording stops. always better to have recording and performing separately. Why less CPU? I guess more tracks, more CPU on each DAW.

‘If you want to be really secure, add a second laptop and use the second sound card to record’ - Thats what I’m doing. sorry for misunderstanding.

Ahh I see. Hm. You should indeed be able to record separate channels on a second laptop afaik. Have you checked if it does work when recording on 1 laptop?

yes I did. But I think it doesn’t work if I go USB in and out again to record. Thats what dTR said above in the thread…

I don’t have the 96 anymore unfortunately, but exactly that I’m able to do with db4. Which does have more flexible routing. So pretty sure it should be able with 96. Gonna have a look at the schematics

That would be awesome… It would really save my ass. :grin:


Darn. Thought I could bring good news. I was a bit confused with the flexibility of db4 where I can simply select at which stage the signal goes back to daw. So the input doesn’t matter and could be USB.

On the zone 96 it’s limited to sending the line and riaa for the individual channels I’m afraid.

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Thank you so much anyways.

I will just record the master then, and hope that everything sounds good at the end.

Ihm also playing with live drums, so level ways I wanted to be a bit flexible after the show. Cause Live it’s always a different situation with the PA and stuff.

Have a good one and thank a lot again!

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Enjoy the gig !
Sounds like an interesting setup. If you can, share the recording on the forum. Always cool to see what other forum members are up to :slight_smile: