Multiple (16) Recorder Trigs - Please Help :)

Hey guys,

So I’m finally able to get 1 one-shot recorder trig working with a flex machine. (I had no idea about arming / disarming since it was in a completely separate part of the manual)

But for some reason, whenever I place more than one recorder trig on a track, only the first trig records.

I’m not sure if this is possible (it seems like it should be) but this is what I"d like to accomplish:

16th note sequenced synth audio going into input A of octatrack.

Flex machine setup to record A with 16 1 shot recorder trigs armed

After recording, 16 sample trigs then play back every note of that audio sequence at the correct location.

Basically I’m trying to avoid slicing and creating a grid while live sampling.

Thanks !

If you have a sequence of recorder trigs that are all sampling into the same recorder buffer. then the contents of the recorder buffer will be overwritten every time sampling starts. Do you end up with audio only from the 16th step?

Why are you trying to avoid using the slice feature? Note that you can pre-slice a sample slot (EDIT: recorder buffer) into 16 slices even before the sample is recorded.

Note that you can pre-slice a sample slot into 16 slices even before the sample is recorded.

Ok, so i’ve got an octatrack since one week, could you tell me how you do this ??

More precisely: pre-slice the recorder buffer:

ok thank you for the links !

Wow this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much !

One related question - once I have this going, anytime I delete a sample trig and then re-enable it, it defaults back to slice 1 no matter what step it’s on.

Is there a way I can have it lock trig 1 at slice 1, trig 2 at slice 2, etc. Without having to set up p locks?


Use an LFO to modulate the STRT parameter.