Multiple DT MIDI tracks with Volca FM

Hello people.
I am pretty new for the MIDI so sorry maybe for the stupid question.
I’ve heard that I can use multiple MIDI tracks with only single synthesizer.
I have my DT with volca FM and as I understand I need to set my MIDI tracks for the same MIDI channel of the volca. That’s working pretty well, but in this case any synth audio mutation on one MIDI track affecting same changes on all other MIDI tracks.
Is it possible to get separate set of synth state per one channel with only one synth?

Sure you can use several midi channels to sequence one synth to maybe expand polyphony or modulation capabilities.
For instance, you have an eight voice poly synth - two midi tracks with four note paraphony would make it possible to play up to eight notes at once on that synth.
Or you could use several midi lfos…,

It‘s still only one synth.

A multitimbral synthesizer, like the Access Viruses series, Nord Leads or Waldorfs have „parts“ than can be played/sequences on different midi channels, just like you had several synthesizers sitting on your desk.
It‘s also possible to layer sounds from different parts by setting them to the same midi channel, so when you play a note, all parts will sound.

Of course you can also layer different synths by setting them to the same channel or have them set to different chanels but let them play the same notes.


Cool thanks. But I still don’t know how to get separate set of synth state per one channel with one synth.

You cannot do this with the Volca FM.

can you explain me more why please?
what kind of synth could solve this request?

I don’t understand the question. Do you want to assign more than one MIDI channel to the Volca FM?

Yes, and I successfully doing it.
But is it possible to have unique synth knobs position per multiple DT MIDI tracks with volca FM?
what is maximum which I can get from volca FM via MIDI with DT pair?

You need a multi-timbral synth for that, the Volca is mono timbal. It refers to how many different channels can be used by the instrument with a different preset on each channel.


Wow, thank you!! today I learned something new about synts. Cool!