Hey guys!

I own the A4 and the Rytm, and now i´m obviously using Overbridge.
I checked out Cenk´s new video and was somewhat impressed on how many channels he can multitrack.
For me this seems impossible, as i´m only able to input (at least) all the tracks of the A4 and only the main inputs of the Rytm (both devices in 16 bit) at the same time. I think it works ok so far, but to be honest, i´ll expected this to be a bit different.
How is this working for you? Is it due to USB limitations or is it just my laptop? And most important of all, will this be fixed in the future?

Are you using an usb hub? If so, the channels are likely to be limited as you need a multiTT hub, which is not standard for a usb hub.
Elektron will release “overhub” usb hub soon which should work reliable

I’m not clear about this either. I have both the AR and A4 each plugged into high speed usb ports on the back of a 2013 iMac, and I still have fewer possible channel than what I saw with Çenk’s setup.

Will using an MTT hub allow for more bandwidth than what is possible by plugging each unit into separate USB ports on the back of the computer? Or is the limitation in the computer itself?

OB utilises the second slowest USB spec in terms of bandwidth
12 Mb/s (actually the last usb1 standard)
only the original spec is slower at 1.5 Mb/s
highest on USB 2 is 480 Mb/s
highest on USB 3 is 5 Gb/s
Most normal USB 2 hubs only have provision for one slower devices (esp mice etc, which could be 1.5 )
If you then used a second ‘slow’ device every other port on the hub gets slowed down to support this ‘slow’ speed
So a STT hub can manage to accommodate 1 slow device without compromising the bandwidth available for the rest of the hub
A MTT hub (multi transaction translator) can take slower ‘exceptions’ on a case by case basis without compromising the other ports
There may be laptops with simple internal hubs which may pose a problem that a MTT hub will sort. Remember, the demands of OB on available bandwidth is trivial. 12 out of 480.
I picked up a decent unpowered 4port usb3 MTT hub for £6(amazon), linked in another thread where others propose MTT alternatives, usually usb2. I have OBx2 working fine, but I haven’t fully tested my hub’s credentials by throwing an old mouse on the hub and also a usb2/3 drive to see if they all play nicely (it’s unlikely i’ll need the 5Gb/s theoretical bandwidth) - I attached an iLok(1.5Mb/s) and it didn’t affect anything else.
I’d be surprised if plugging two OB devices into one laptop (with no other USB peripherals attached) would create a bottle-neck. Use one at a time, see if you can get the 8i/o per device, then try both together.
Buying a MTT hub is a bit tricky as you’re reliant on good info or recommendations, so it takes a bit of legwork - overhub, is obviously going to work. It’s powered (i guess) and 7-port, but USB2 only, so if you needed to leave a usb3 drive attached to it, it will be slowed down
OB is running from USB2 chips running at USB1 speeds, OB is not demanding in itself, it’s the effect of attaching slow USB devices to STT hubs which is the issue as it can potentially drag the speed of ‘other’ peripherals down. Therefore bandwidth is not the issue, it’s management of bandwidth imho

Thanks for the info! That helps a lot.

cheers mate!