Music by Rephazer

Hi all,

I will drop some of my music in this topic every now and then which I hope some of you will enjoy.

Below you’ll find my latest releases available via BandCamp. You can also check all of these albums out on YouTube if you are more of a ‘visual person.’

I will also update this topic with releases of previous years every once in a while.

What’s on the Tape #3 Another ‘monthly sketch report’ with various OP-1 Field sketches recorded to the B side of previous used C60 cassette.

What’s on the Tape #2 Like the first one made and arranged on the OP-1 Field except this one is recorded in one take to a c60 cassette until the A side of the tape was full.

What’s on the Tape #1 album made and arranged on the OP-1 Field with help from the OP-Z, Octatrack, Digitone , GR-1 and P12.

A Night On Tape album arranged on the OP-1 Field using samples from the OP-Z, OG OP-1 and V-Machine. Recorded from the digital OP-1 Field tape to analog cassette tape and straight back to digital from the 3-head Marantz deck.

Holiday Broadcasts album made completely on the OP-1 Field during my holiday in Menorca.

Field Sketch Book album made completely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

The Z-Files album made completely on the Teenage Engineering OP-Z.


Playground album made on the OG OP-1 using various melodic Digitone samples.

If mirrors could speak single release made on the Deluge.

Snowman in July album made on the Digitakt + Digitone and Zoia.

A after Z EP made on the OP-Z using custom samples

Synthetic Landscape EP made on the Analog Four + Digitone

The Morning Ritual EP made on the Digitone:

Malluma Aero EP made on the Digitakt:

1978 EP made on the Octatrack/Analog Four and friends.

As always thanks for listening and the interest! It’s much appreciated.



That’s a goddam instafollow right away. Bring it, man, we’re ready :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

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When you say ”completely” - does that mean mixing and mastering as well?

can’t wait to have a listen

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Mixing yes! Actually with the OP-1 workflow you are constantly mixing 4 tape tracks :wink:

Mastering except for normalizing before uploading there is no extra ‘magic’ involved.

However I do use 100% custom samples and I do not use any internal OP-1 synth sounds for this so you won’t get these sounds out of the box.

I already had several requests for an OP-1 Field sample pack which I will work on next :slight_smile:



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your custom samples always sound great. Must be a lot of work preparing these


Thanks guys! Yes it’s quite a bit of work but I like doing it :slight_smile:

The OP-1 field has an automatic x-fade option so the laborious job of finding the right loop points is over which makes sampling on the Field so much fun!

I think I saw you asking somewhere why most groovebox samplers are monophonic?
You’ll enjoy the OP-1 Field sampler for sure :wink:


I would for sure. I had an original OP1 and really liked it a lot. Just found it a bit too restricted. Having an eye on the field of course, but it’s quite a lot of money :upside_down_face:
Enjoying your tracks in the meantime

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X-fade and sample polyphony on the blackbox is part of the reason why my love affair with that kit endures.


Still need to give these 1010music boxes a try. I know you swear by the Blackbox for a long time already so it must be good :slight_smile:


Updated the first post with some new tunes to keep things a bit more organized. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Just discovered these gems after discovering your sample packs - win win!

Lovely tunes, thanks.

Looking forward to a download and a deeper listen.

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Couple of granular sketches which I hope you’ll enjoy


Thanks for the kind words! I am glad you are enjoying the tunes as well :slight_smile:

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Updated the first post with my latest album and some oldies :wink:

Added Tape #3 to the first post. Also made a remix/remake of ‘Trouble So Hard’ by Vera Hall sung by Phil Hughes using the OP-1 Field and my latest Field Fantasy + other custom sound packs. Cheers!

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