Mute / unmute issues and seemingly no data send from Digitone

I picked up a Kenton USB host so I can use a cheap controller for muting my Digitone tracks and adjusting their volumes without having to engage in menu diving while performing.

The Digitone sends data to my external MIDI synths but the mute/unmute tracks don’t seem to register on the controller.

I can change volumes and the Digitone receives the message that it needs to mute a track, but the Akai LPD8 only displays a momentary push, and only shows as toggle when in note mode.

My expectation would be that the Digitone receives the message to mute, then the controller would be latched until pressed again, at which point it would unmute. Instead it seems the Digitone doesn’t get a message, and in any event, the colour latching on the controller fails.

I’ve been through all the int/ext midi settings and have still had no luck, so made a brief clip to demonstrate.

I have the same issue trying to control the RYTM. I had hoped that I could use the MIDI host and eventually get a MIDI Fighter Twister to allow me to stay on the mutes page, while having scenes and performance available on the midi device, but that all seems like a bit of a pipe dream now.

Is there something I may have missed which is glaringly obvious to everyone else? I’ve RTFM for each device and still have no luck with what should be a simple task, especially seeing as it can be managed with the Faderfox.

Does the LPD8 have a toggle mode for the pads?

Looks like it’s in pad mode, which would be sending note on/off right?

That’s right, set to toggle on/off rather than momentary, although it only seems to latch like that when in note mode rather than CC mode.


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It should just latch in cc mode, as far as I understand it.

Have you tried reinstalling the firmware/software for the LPD8?

I’ll have to try that from my better half’s later when I get back there - looks like my system is too old for such things.
Hopefully that’ll work…
Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 12.17.09

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Remembered an old Windoze laptop which seems to have done the job…
…aaaannnnnd VICTORY - of a sort. The Akai doesn’t seem to receive midi data back, but that’s no big issue, just means setting things accordingly in advance in terms of what is and isn’t muted, but it still makes things easier and more visual while in the middle of manipulating sound within menus.

Thanks - saves me a trip back to G4M and some stress doing a gig.

I think it was all about the firmware update; j

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Nice one.

Glad it worked out.