Mutes are global?

“The tracks are muted globally. If you mute a track, it is still muted if you change to another pattern.”

Does anyone else find this frustrating? Shouldn’t mute states be saved with the rest of the pattern info?

I want to mute out tracks, then go to a new pattern and have it come in full - or switch to a new pattern and have it start with just one sample, then build up by gradually adding tracks.

I actually think this machine is going back to the store because of this :frowning:

Edit: also, do the other machines (Digitakt and Digitone) work like this too?


You can set Chance to zero for any track you don’t want played, and that will be pattern specific. Then just turn up the Chance knob to 100 (or your preferred setting) when you want it to kick in.


The digi boxes have both global and pattern specific mute modes

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Yes, on the Digitakt you can choose whether mutes are global/temporary or saved per pattern. Initially I thought like you and preferred per-pattern mutes, but I’ve found that I prefer global mutes in the long run. I think it depends how much you want to improvise - global mutes make pattern changes less of a gamble if you’re manipulating things on the fly.

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Ahh yes, I remember seeing that somewhere. So in pattern mute mode, if you save a pattern with tracks muted, are the mute states saved as well? Or do patterns always load with all tracks active?

I really hope they add pattern mute, or make it default for the next update. Creating a functional live setup is not easy without the ability to start patterns with some tracks muted. Using the chance knob is not a nice workaround

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