Muting FX track when Sequencing External Gear

I am using the FX track on AR MK1 to sequence an external drum machine (MFB522).

I’d like to be able to mute the FX track on the fly (as is possible for the other 12 tracks in mute mode).

Does anyone know if there is a method/shortcut to achieve this? Apologies in advance if this is covered elsewhere, but I wasn’t able to find anything. Thanks!!! (edit for clarity)

I didn’t update to 1.50 yet, so i could’t test it but maybe you can set the trig condition with the negativ FILL (the one with the line above) on all trigs and then press [PAGE] to mute.

If it works you can press and hold [PAGE] + [YES], and then release [PAGE] before you release [YES] to latch FILL mode. Press [PAGE] again to unlatch FILL mode

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Create a scene that sets the FX volumes to 0?

Thanks for the workaround ideas @knh and @dtr - going to test these out. Setting the FX volumes to 0 doesnt sound like it would work since it wouldn’t actually mute the midi trigger, but maybe if I set the scene such that the velocity for all notes is at 0 it could work.

I’ll let you know if either option works / is reasonable to to implement in a spontaneous workflow.

In Trig page I’d try to set SYN and SMP to off, trigs becoming trigless, it should work…

Edit : it doesn’t. I’m surprised that trigless are sent as notes.

You can’t lock Trig page parameters to scenes or perf. It is saved with the pattern.

It works.

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This should work now with new update.

@tro EDIT : I confirm it mutes the FX track midi out with 1.50A.

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