Muting loops


I have a problem where I’ve recorded a bassloop on the digitakt and triggered it in a pattern. The problem is that if i try to mute the track the loop is on, the loop keeps playing for some time before it just abruptly cuts off. Anyone have any idea what stupid, obvious thing I’m missing here?

You’re muting the triggers, so if the trigger actions are still happening, you’ve only stopped the next triggers in the sequence from occurring. There’s some MIDI CC trickery you can pull off, but what you’re experiencing highlights the sequencer-heavy behavior of the DT.

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Ahh, damn. Kind of disappointing, but still a cool drum machine. Just really limited when it comes to performing with samples that are longer than one shots. Thanks for the reply!

What I’m thinking is that one could plot out the entire loop with a trigger every step, and set the start point to the next point in the loop, and then you could mute it. But that’s really asking a lot :smiley:

yea i hope they add a bit more control for longer loop samples in the future, that would be sweet.

Another trick is to set the amp envelope really short (let’s say hold 0, decay 0), and then p-lock the amp envelope as you want on te trigger, Now if you mute the loop, quickly trigger it manually. It will cut off the still playing loop because the amp envelope is short :wink:


Adjusting the note lwgnth and velocity in the trg page has significant effect on looping samples. Im using a lot of piano loops and after fiddling around with those two things I was able to control the behavior of looped samples a little bettered when muting. Try messing around with those two parameters it may help


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Another solution, that works with the new firmare and slicing: Basic help with looping - #26 by Kawptaer