Muy bonita la Digitakt

Intuitiva 100%. ¿Quién necesita un manual?

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I’m going to return my Digitakt to my seller. It can not be that there are no instructions in Spanish. The third most spoken language in the world. There are things that I do not understand and in the instructions I can not translate. I can not normally sequence a synthesizer from the Digitakt. It does not seem normal to me that at this time of the century Digitakt does not have a SONG function. It has many shortcomings. The Electribe 2 Sampler surpasses you in many points. I recognize that the Digitakt sounds very good, sure it has thousands of functions, but it is made only for English. Enjoy it with health.


Sayonara Digitakt?

hi you can translate the DT manual to spanish the same way you´re doing with your comment

I can see how not having a manual in your native language could be frustrating but hardly the end of the world. It seems you didn’t really do much research into the Digitakt before buying it or you would have quickly learned about the lack of Song mode and that midi sequencing still needed to be fixed in the next update.

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Las repeticiones se pueden grabar en el secuenciador en el modo GRABACIÓN DE GRID, así como en el modo GRABACIÓN EN VIVO. Se registran como trigones separados. Si la velocidad de retrig es mayor que la duración de un paso del secuenciador, los triggers se crean con pasos internos adicionales (es decir, pasos con la retrig habilitada). :slight_smile: -

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sorry to hear that. DT has its shortcomings but it’s sad if people have to give up because of the lack of localized manual. This could be something to consider for Elektron in the future. Maybe to crowsource the translation, it wont cost much. The least they can do is publish the manual in a form of editable text. Wiki would be another option.
Also I would consider translating to Italian as there seems to be a huuuge Italian speaking community in electronic and experimental electronic music.

BTW most of my knowledge about Elektron is coming not from manual but from youtube. Spanish community needs their own Cenk and Cuckoo…

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Spanish is actually the 4th language, so by your logic, we should have the manual translated to Hindi. Mandarin is first so we need to have the manual translated to chinese as well. Actually we should even change the whole forum, translate everything to Mandarin and stop using English altogether…
Or …
You could do like we all did, learn english, you’re on the internet, it’s going to come in handy.


Hasta luego crack, q disfrutes tu electribe.

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