My Digitone died

I had my Digitone on for several hours. I was playing various factory presets, then left it alone for a while.

I heard a click, looked around and saw it was off. I tried the power switch, nothing.

I checked the power brick, it was supply 12V according to my multimeter. I left it a while and tried plugging it again hours later. Still dead.

I contacted Amazon, they said to return it for a full refund.

Pull the conector out of the digitone. Turn it on and off. Then put the power conector at the back of the digitone back in and try turning it on again.

Yeah tried that at the time. No difference still dead.

Moot now anyway, I’ve sent it back and the refund is on its way.

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If that didnt help then there was nothing else you could try. I had the same thing with a digitakt except that unplugging it at the back fixed the problem. I sent the digitone back too but thats because I discovered that FM isnt for me. Live and learn.

Good luck with your next purchase

Possibly a condenser that died on the internal PSU. That can happen.

Its the sound of 750 euro’s going up in smoke which is a sound that makes most of us on this forum cringe.


It more like 4ct, but still annoying. The elektrons are so well constructed that only a small part has to be replaced.
Had that on my MD, but it was an easy repair.

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The elektrons are well constructed for sure. Chances of running into problems really are minimal. I cant complain.

im on my second. Its too good sounding to not have it. mine died as well

This just happened to my dn keys. it sucks to have randomly happen, only having had like 5 or so months out the box. Without continuously trying to flip the switch and try different power outlets, which seems futile, just gonna hope support comes through.

I can also recommend having an UPS or power conditioner all the time before your beloved and pricey gear. Might saves just the PSU but it’s worth the time it saves too…