My first release on cassette tapes

GREAT vibes and one of the first obviously A4 joints I’ve heard and loved!

Put a $5 on your next cassette EP.

love this. listened to it all morning. and the mt4x? that is just bloody awesome. used to pwn an mt8x. those were happy times.

Thanks all of you for the kind words and support!
I ended up buying a cassette multi tracker because of alessandro cortini’s video on sonic state, where he’s shows up all of his live gear with NIN. I’m looking for a reel to reel right now.
So this is a video i made for Javelin months ago, it was filmed inside a church here in my hometown Bologna.

Good luck with your reel to reel search.

What are you looking for? Are you looking for 2 track or 8 track or…?

I rate the Revox B77 HS - only worth it if you can get the HS model and record at 15 ips.

well i’m a newbie, still figure it out :slight_smile:

If you’re wanting to print via tape be sure to get yourself something that records/plays back at 15 ips.

Good luck!

This release sounds really good! I’d recommend sending a copy or emailing Tiny Mix Tapes and some other cassette release oriented blogs to have it reviewed and bring some attention to it.

@kotare & @worcel thanks for the advice