My first release on cassette tapes

hi guys
this is my first and self release on cassette tapes
everything composed on the A4
free on digital download


Hey Gianmarco, thanks for sharing. Really great stuff! Any overdubbing or all just recorded from the A4 stereo out? Are you gonna play shows with this material?

Really nice - bravissimo !

Thanks guys,
The voice at the end of “Anasazi” was added in a second time but the A4 is recorded directly through my Yamaha MT4X then into Logic X. Yes those tracks are parts of my main live set, I started playing this live set last year, still looking for gigs around my hometown, Bologna. I recently bought an Octatrack, still struggling with it, but this is the first track with both machines

a very different mood but i’m quite happy with it

I like it alot, very dark mood, my kind of electronic music :slight_smile: .

thanks :slight_smile:

Listened it the whole thing, really great tracks!! Dark, very…but not without hope or happiness :wink:

that faint light at the end of the tunnel

Like it, a lot! Nice mood.

Today i played all songs about 5 times, really love it, it inspires me a lot

That you worry may be a train…

yeah dude, this is some really good shit

thank you so much guys, means a lot

you can download it for free or you can redeem this codes at


Top grade stuff.
Gave you a fiver for it.
You should really charge a set price for the digital version as it’s good enough to warrant purchasing; you put in the work, make money from it.
Easily as good as Opal Tapes artists or the like and they’re making a mint.

I will definetly do that with the next release. I’m trying to spread my music as far as i can right now but if you really like it you can donate or buy the cassette. Thanks for relate my music to opal tapes, i love that label. I actually wrote them months ago without a response :frowning:

Opal Tapes is rad! They have a “No Demos” policy unfortunately.

Yeah, you have to remember that Opal Tapes is a boutique label that blew up really fast and unexpectedly due to brilliant first releases and artists on the label like Huerco S moving on to much better things really quickly.
Right place at the right time for that brand of techno.
They probably get dozens of demos everyday, but they really only want to release their friends’ music, etc.

Plus, one of their releases was pulled due to plagiarism via samples of other artists, so they may be wary of taking releases from unproven acts now.

Didn’t know about the plagiarism thing, who was the artist involved? by the way i ended up sending emails to record labels because of this, i’ll stick with my “self release” mentality. Playing live is the only things that matter to me, so guys; book me :slight_smile:

It was a one off from an artist named Nikolai.
The first track you can hear a sample from Actress’ “Doggin’” from Hazyville straight away.
I actually bought the cassette and didn’t notice it when I was ripping it to FLAC, but when I got in my car and heard the results I said to myself, “Did I have Hazyville in the second deck or something?”

The notes are in the comments section here:

ahha this reminded me about the controversial with zomby and reark. sad story indeed.