My first tune (Digitone & Digitakt)


I’m new all this, thought I’d try an record an ambient/IDM ish tune I enjoyed doing on the Digitone and Digitakt, lot’s of mistakes I’m sure, plus the more I recorded it live and failed I ended up wondering if it sounded any good in the end. The main thing is I learn’t an awful lot doing this and I need to learn how to record and use Ableton maybe too which I don’t have yet.

I’ve also got a Typhon Dreadbox which is amazing that I’m learning.



nice job!

before you dive into something like Abelton Live I’d get Audacity (free) and learn how to compress/limit/gain/etc your audio to a good standard/appropriate for your destination (YouTube, Soundcloud etc) - this video is VERY quiet.
there are a ton of good tutorials on using Audacity for all the most common audio tasks - and using something relatively simpler will prevent you from being distracted/overwhelmed.

I’ll that thanks.

YouTube is strange as that recording on my laptop is ok, but yes on YT it’s very low. I’ll remove it and try and amply it in Audacity if possible.

as free and very powerful app that might help is Resolve from DaVinci

there is a free version that will do for most people and you can use it to edit video as well as record/edit audio - the render videos with export presets for YouTube as well as others
I use it all the time just to do quick edits of video, sync up a second better version of audio and the export with the right levels etc…


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Ah well I used DaVinci Resolve for this YT video.

I’ve just open up my project on there and it sounds loud, but uploading it to YT has reduced the volume massively it seems. The mp4 file I exported sounds ok too, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

YT does a bunch of normalization/compressing. You can upload mp3s here directly (drag and drop the file in a reply) - limit is 10MB per file

Oh I see, I didn’t know that, I think they must do that as I think my mp3 sounds ok on playback?

How does it sound? I like like it from 4mins in, but as I’m listened to it too much it sounds meh now.

If the loudest is ok, I wonder how I can get it onto YT better or is Soundcloud better?

Sounds clear to me so far! Not super loud (which is good). It’s quite nice and peaceful

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