My Free house sample pack for OT Users


I want to share with you my new sample collection. It’s simple house drum loops collection but for me it’s great to start some ideas (WAV and REX!) or just use it inside Octatrack, DAWs, and so on.


Preview & Download here:

With love & respect

Adel Vent

They sound great. Nice work!!

Thanks :slight_smile: Glad to hear it. i spend almost half a year to finish it.

House \m/

Indeed, thank you sir ! I don’t find the WAV version though.

sweet thanks

Wav version is below every sound file on soundcloud.


Alternative downloads urls by my friends at

Thanks Adel! Generous of you. Looking forward to checking these out.

sounds awesome!! I’m currently looking into drum programming. Can you give me a hint how you did these?

Well. I made it with maschine 1.8 and Octatrack.

Key elements of good drum loops: A good sound selection. Especially if you want create some melodic drums loops. I’m allways trying to tune them. Next it is in levels between every sound. And of course swing, swing and swing.

There is no rules. Jack is always helping me to achive some od this grooves. :slight_smile: