My friend and I made a techno album, on Octatrack and Analog RYTM!

Made from jams with Octatrack + Analog RYTM, and arranged/mastered in Ableton. Feel free to ask questions!

A bit more background…melodies are made on OP1 and Bass Station, with some songs using Empress Reverb. Samples were also used, my voice and that of others. But we tried to keep song sampling to a minimum, or at least with hopefully DJ Shadow levels of obfuscation. Hopefully they aren’t that recognizable :slight_smile:


was there a link?

Yep sorry! First time posting a link on here, should be up now. They say to post links in the title, but that doesn’t actually work!

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Cool stuff! I’ve actually seen some of your videos on YT and found them informative, even though I don’t own a OT (yet).
Question: what’s your setup and process in terms of recording from the OT?

Thanks! And thanks for watching :slight_smile:

We used a DJ mixer - him on channel 2, me on 1 - and fed the record out to an audio interface. The mixer gives us an accessible master control over gain, as well as a filter which comes in handy. From there I run it thru Ableton as a stereo in, and set the tempo manually to sync.


Cool! Thanks for the breakdown info. Keep doing what you do duder. :ok_hand:t3:

Really cool stuff. Love it, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for listening!