My Gigs/Jams/Releases/Vids Using Dark Trinity

Hi all ! Here is a recording from my gig this past weekend.

I play house and techno on the dark trinity :black_heart::smiling_imp:

A few technical bugs and a snowstorm happened, but it was a great time. Looking forward to more shows this spring/summer :smiley:

Hope you enjoy !

hi again everybody !

Rather than keep posting new threads of my jam vids, music, and gig recordings, I decided to just stick to one thread so I renamed it :smiley:

Here is my latest – a 130 bpm deep house/techno tune that I played on the weekend. Based on the reaction people had to it I think I might polish it for an upcoming release.

Hope you enjoy !


I’m not much into deep house stuff these days as this genre is unfortunately filled with garbage. But this track is not. Well done. Release it !

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thanks so much, my friend ! I know the term β€œdeep” is pretty broad and covers a lot of music that I don’t vibe with. I generally just write house, techno, and electro, but I usually stamp it deep when it has some vibey chords and pads and a wispy sort of dreamy feel :smiley:

Walter (on off on)

hey elektron friends !

Just wanted to share my latest all hardware liveset :purple_heart::grinning::elot::elan:

I made it using Analog Four, RYTM, and Octatrack mk1. Recorded into Zoom H4N pro and some compression, EQ and limiter from ableton live.

Hope you enjoy ! let me know what you think (bad and good)

-ciao for now