My macbook can’t see my digitone and digitakt

Friends! help me figure it out, I recently bought a macbook pro 16 (2019) in which one type-s, I bought an adapter for usb3 in order to connect my digitone or digitakt.
I can not figure out what needs to be done in order for my mac to detect it ???
By the way, I’m not an experienced macbook owner :slight_smile:
/in the dt settings there is an overbridge

Have you installed overbridge on the Mac?

Thats unclear in your post.

Maybe you need to give permission for elektron/overbridge in the mac privacy/security settings after you downloaded it ( new firmware if you have new dn/dt firmware)

yes, installed

I go into overbridge and my macbook does not see connected devices, such as a USB flash drive or computer mouse.
Let’s say it’s like in Windows, I connected usb3 there and it immediately discovers a new device. I don’t understand how this happens on a macbook? I didn’t find anything in the privacy/security settings. operating system on digitone and digitakt the latest.

macbook should immediately see it as an audiointerface, for example

all friend ! I figured it out, thanks, really the problem was to allow overbridge in the security settings. Oh my carelessness… :slight_smile: