My regular Monomachine output + future releases feedback

Hi all,

I’m posting the 101st audio/video demo. :wink:

Furthermore, I need to do some sort of preliminary research to see what people like to hear (you’ve already heard there are no stylistically defined boundaries for me :wink: ), so any track lists, impressions, suggestions are welcome! What I really need to mention, is that my tracks have never been ‘fine-tuned’, ‘crafted’, which means they will definitely undergo considerable transformations for the good. You’re always welcome to write here, PM me or get in touch via Facebook.

Will regularly keep on posting my stuff here (daily / weekly).
Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ll post just links to facilitate loading.

Nice work! Keep em coming. :+1:


You’re the MnM mastah, Rady! Great percussion sounds!

[23 APRIL 2015]

Great jam!

[24 APRIL 2015]

[24 APRIL 2015]

[29 APRIL 2015]