Namm 2022

With all of the Superbooth videos comming out and all of the new gear updates and releases, anyone thinking about going to NAMM this year? It’s going to be from the 3rd to the 5th of June!

I’ve got my badge to go this year so was thinking if anyone was there already and can also recommend stuff/give tips for someone that never was there?


I’m not too interested… it’s mostly guitar things which bore me beyond belief

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You ought to rename this thread “NAMM 2022” and make it the “official” Elektronauts NAMM 2022 thread.


most of the boutique synth makers which is everyone except korg roland and yamaha… hated going to namm because it’s a big expensive loud annoying place to be and synth stuff is often like a 3rd wheel compared to the halls and halls of guitar shit.

so, a lot of them started skipping it when superbooth became a thing. that and Knobcon became the 2 shows that people focused on more… especially modular people.

moog, sequential circuits and some others will probably go to NAMM but thye have bigger budgets so can afford the cost of having a booth.

fwiw a booth can cost $15,000 just for the table space. so, often several smaller companies would band together and share a big booth to cut down on the cost. it’s ridiculously expensive and anaheim is shit… most decided they’d rather go to superbooth and hang out w/their synth friends in a cool city like berlin.


Link for the exhibitors. It’s a bit annoying because you have to choose a category or view the whole lot in one go (there’s a fuckton). But here you go:

Anyway, be sure to believe in music, otherwise, there’s a chance it might not exist anymore :upside_down_face:


There is always Disneyland ! :crazy_face:

I see ASM will be there ! It’s just across town for Glen, so an easy commute. Could this be the show for a “new and not Hydrasynth” ? Let’s hope !

( Though i think their unveils have always been at Knobcon, which is September 9 - 11 this year. )

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I’d love to see their take on a sampler, given their obvious link to Elektron heritage via Daniel :yum:


And the MPC via Glen.


I’m hoping to see some updates from Korg on things like the drumlogue.

Also would be cool if Moog has something new.

What a marriage of ideas that could be!


I worked at Frankfurt Musikmesse once. Had an absolutely amazing experience.

The first image in this link is one I took of the people I was with.

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Especially considering how long that new-not-Hydrasynth product would have been in development.

BTW : Medeli also has technology that could be worked in to that product too.

Well, I do am a guitar player that also likes synth stuff and really a sampler jazz bossa head. So as you say, might as well enjoy the ride :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advice about the restrooms and emergency exits. safety first!

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What interests me as well is all the conferences and talks they provide.
I think my daily schedule will go more through what can i take from these talks other than the noisy place it might be.
Will still be cool to try a bunch of gear out that I just see online or on youtube reviews.

I’m a guitarist and I used to get free tickets to a guitar show and I still thought it was awful :rofl:

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I’m interested to see if Two Rock will release the Filmosound-inspired amp they were rumoured to be working on. Would also like to see some better sounding alternatives to the Boss Waza and Fender Mustang Micro.

There were some great releases at Namm 2019. Not just for guitars

Yes. Anaheim NAMM as a guest of Stick Enterprises.

I had a good time, whether it was laughing at stuff that later ended up on the iconic NAMM Oddities website, or just hanging with peeps. It was cool to meet Ned Steinberger and his crew at the NS Design booth.

Clavia had DJs jamming on their Nord products, but were rudely interrupted by some guitarist playing cliched fusion licks with Axon MIDI controller and synth(s). Clavia’s Nord synths were the only interesting synth stuff at the time - back then, the major synth companies had nothing to offer other than yet another batch of romplers. Doepfer was just getting started, so no Eurorack explosion yet.

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I got a comp pass from a friend of a friend. I will be attending Friday, June 3 in the afternoon and evening. The last and only time I ever visited NAMM, I only had about an hour to hustle through the main hall, but that was enough time to leave me wondering if I had a mild form of epilepsy. Talk about over-stimulating!

Sorry to hear that booths are so expensive. It would be more fair, I think, if vendors paid a price commensurate with their market share.