Need help finding a specific mixer as well as midi drum pads

Hi, trying to get my bands live show up and running and we’re looking for some very specific items that all the big name brands don’t seem to be making:

  1. A mixer that comprises of just faders and pretty much nothing else. This would ideally be compact as hell. Anyone know of any good manufacturers making these kinds of mixers?

  2. Midi drum pads with usb. Imagine an Alesis SamplePad Pro but with none of the internal audio part. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help in advance!


Mixers with only faders are unusual … why … mixers shall provide some sound definition for the received audio … now some compressors, EQs, sends etc. are required by most users. This makes a lot of real estate - yes - but what do you really need?

What are you up to mix … some line-in gear, mics? How many channels do you need?

There are many great manufacturers like Allen & Heath, Mackie, Yamaha etc. offering small to studio sized equipment. Some of the “small” mixers (up to 8 or 12 channels) are quite compact … :wink:

Hi, thanks for the reply. We basically need a small mixer (about 4 channels) that just has the outputs of our loopers connected up to it so that we can drop different loops in and out (with the faders) also potentially send the loops out to different places (using auxes maybe).

Fine … then you should check out …

  • Mackie Mix5, or 402 VLZ4
  • Alesis Mutlimix 4USB
  • Yamaha MG06
  • Allen & Heath ZED 6

All small, but no faders. they have knobs on each volume channel. All below €150,-

If you want faders, check out the mixers with 8 to 12 channels.

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I’ve been looking for a compact performance mixer for a while now. There’s not a lot out there. The best candidate right now is the Keith McMillen K-Mix. It’s compact and should cover your needs as described.

Also keep in mind that there’s a lot speculation that Elektron’s next box is some kind of mixer. I think I’m going to hold out and see how that plays out.