Need help in setting up an MPC 60ii with OT

I’ve tried countless attempts at getting my MPC 60ii and OT to communicate but I can’t seem to wrap my head around why they won’t speak the same language. Am I trying to force Japanese on my Swedish OT? :man_shrugging:

Can’t even get the start/stop to function. Does everything need to be mapped out midi-wise? Sorry for bringing an ancient artifact into modern discussion, but she still has a lot of capabilities. :older_man:

edit: I’ve had success using the MPC as a controller in Abelton with my TM-1 interface with no problems

What are MPC60 clock parameters ?
Did you select midi clock, slave, master ? (MTC doesn’t work with OT)

OT master (recommended for recordings) : OT out > MPC in
MIDI SYNC settings :
Clock Send, Transport Send

OT slave : MPC out > OT in
MIDI SYNC settings :
Clock Receive, Transport Receive


I checked MPC60 MKII manual.
I’d choose slave option first.

The Song Position Pointer can be usefull if you want to sync an MPC song to an OT arrangement (OT slaved).

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@sezare56 I’m such a dunce, man. I was not aware of there ever being a sync menu because it was hidden to my eyes until today. I used to assume that all of the midi settings were under the MIDI menu/button :baby:

Thank you so much man! Finally got the two to work together after all of this time, and I’m feeling like a kid right now! :blush:

If anyone reading is in the same position and wants to perform the same link and is having trouble:

Press Tempo/Sync and then press Soft Key 1 (labeled SYNC on the bottom left of the screen) to access the Midi Clock Settings.

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My pleasure ! Happy to see people using old legendary machines with newer ones. Well, some say Octatrack is old. :content:

As in most of sequencers. :wink:

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Haha fair enough I can’t believe how silly I was for never diving into that sub-menu :man_facepalming:

Thanks again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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