Need help installing Ableton Live 9 (Lite version) on High Sierra

hoping someone smart can help me install Ableton 9 Lite on High Sierra!

i keep getting the “The Application Live Quit Unexpectedly” message on start up. it seems to be a fairy common issue, but i can’t seem to find a fix. if anyone can help i would be most grateful, cheers!!

here are my specs
MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2014)
Sierra version 10.13.6
Live 9 Lite
Version 9.7.7, 916.0 MB

Live had to patch the app when High Sierra came out, most likely your installer is out of date.

thanks, but i’m running Version 9.7.7 which is mentioned as being compatible with High Sierra 10.13

Then hit up their support, they’ll help you out.

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Because it’s Lite version they don’t offer support :frowning:

Your High Sierra is a couple of versions behind (10.13.6 is out I think), and there’s a 9.7.7 Live Lite installer available - I’d try those updates as a first step!

thanks, i just released i have recently updated to the latest sierra and ableton 9. i’ve edited my post. sorry for the confusion.