Need help setting up the digitakt with digitone

Hi, I’m completely new to elektron products and midi. When Using the digitakt’s midi tracks can you set trigs in the sequencer to cycle through sounds/patchs of the digitone ? If so how do I set it up.

I don’t have a Digitone myself and I am still getting to know my Digitakt, but perhaps this thread would help:

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Thanks really appreciate you taking time to help me. Hope the cc trick does it.

Not quite. If you use Program Change messages in the Digitakt’s MIDI tracks and send them to the Digitone, the Digitone will change Pattern.

The Bank Select problem discussed in the topic linked above by @YKK is irrelevant to your situation.

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Okay thank you. So my best solution is to just do that on the digitone itself ?

best solution IMO is to create parallel tracks using the sequencer on both machines and then use Digitakt as a master for MIDI (feeding MIDI from Digitakt to Digitone) and Digitone as master for audio (by feeding the audio signals from Digitakt to Digitone). Digitone is happy to tightly follow the track changes you make while performing on Digitakt (thank you @Ess for that awesome update). This way the two machines are working like one neat synthesiser/loop box, combining the strengths of both boxes. For more info you can read chapter 16.2 from Digitone manual

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Makes sense. That’s how I first had it setup from reading the manual I just thought it would help to use the digitakt’s midi to keep the digitone from cutting notes. I’m new to all of this so I don’t know exactly why that happens my guess is the voice limit ?

I’ll eventually find workarounds or use maschine with the digitone. Thanks everyone.

Yes, voice limit can be an issue. To avoid that I suggest not to use Digitakt for sequencing voices in Digitone. Let both machine sequence their own voices and send only MIDI Clock ang Program Changes from one machine to other. It works like a charm, if you do it right.

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This might help

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