Need help setup Elektron A4 with No Coast over CV

haha I am not expecting it anytime soon :slight_smile:

Don’t expect it ever. The OT isn’t built for OB compatibility.


Does that have to do with the firmware by chance on the OT? I’d be curious to hear what engineering from Elektron has to say on this as I am a techie myself.

Doesn’t say why but here’s the law of the land…


I’d say it’s not designed for USB audio at all, on a hardware level. USB on the OT is (I think?) only used for accessing the CF card.


Interesting, as a systems engineering guy that builds computer systems for clients with hardware and software would love to hear from Elektron engineering team what the challenges are. I get the feeling that Elektron is focused on higher priorities with their new offerings like Digitone to worry about OB for the OT MK2. Anyways I am fine as long as I can dump files from the OT to computer and also load samples from PC to the OT. I can manage them as files in Ableton and Cubase later. The reason why I spent the cash on the OT and have to invest the time to learn it is for one box to use at events without hauling tons of gear around.

The mk2 is also not much of a hardware improvement over the mk1, which was developed before Overbridge existed. The possibility of multitrack USB audio probably wasn’t even given any thought at the time.

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Even though OTmk2 is a new product, it’s actually still an old product and will never have Overbridge.
It doesn’t even offer USB midi


Well. you can fake MIDI by using an external CV-to-MIDI converter, but it is quite restricted.

About OB and OT: As far as I know a USB device cannot register itself as storage device and as MIDI/audio device at the same time. Problems start already there …

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I took a break from the OT to play with my A4 and Nocoast as I am doing better there. Ok so I tried to connect the CV gate A output from the A4 to the Contour Gate CV on the Nocoast but still cannot get it to play from the A4 keyboard. Here is my setup

MIDI is working fine. But no sound is coming from the A4 or the Nocoast :frowning:

Any ideas?

What are all of your patch cable connections? Where is the DYNMC output going (pink cable)?

If you don’t have the line out on the 0-coast plugged into anything, you won’t get sound… unless you’re running the DYNMC out into something (not advised unless it’s another modular input).

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the pink cable is connected from the SUM output under the PGM B bank to the DYNAMC input for the default drone patch that works and tested without A4 with the 0coast to output speakers.

You have to send the o coast pitch and gate if you want it to follow the keyboard. Plus you’re going to have to tune the CV pitch output so that you play in the octave you want and at the pitch you want. And you need to patch out of the line out headphone jack of o coast or the dynamic out to your a4 but I’d recommend the headphone jack. In your picture your pink cable is patched to the dynamic out, not in like you wrote


If it’s still set up like in your photo, that’s the DYNMC output. On the 0-coast, outputs are the sockets with an arrow pointing away from the socket. Immediately to the left of the DYNMC output is the input (with the white border—this is a CV input; other inputs have different symbols around them… see manual).


I know it’s Mk1 but have you watched this video?

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so would you recommend using MIDI versus CV with the Nocoast and A4?

I also have problems getting sound with MIDI as well.

Yea I went thru and set the CV gates but will revisit the setup. To Make Noise credit they are very responsive to my questions. I am still waiting on Elektron :slight_smile:

Tell me what you have connected (everything; all cables coming in and out of the A4 and 0-coast). I can’t really help you until I’m aware of what you think should happen when you connect everything.

A4 won’t send MIDI data from its sequencer tracks. I think it sends MIDI notes from the little 1-octave keyboard, but I may be wrong. Your best bet is to use a CV track, and the CV/Gate outputs on the back of the A4. For this, I can’t really help you because I don’t have an A4 (I’m not reading the manual for this), but maybe someone else can provide some insights.

I do know that you’ll need to connect cables from the A4’s CV and Gate outputs into the 0-coast’s 1V/OCT and CONTOUR GATE inputs. The 0-coast’s manual describes this on page 11. Again, I’m not sure exactly how to set up CV and Gate output internally within the A4, so some reading of the manual should be done first. Once this is done and you’re seeing things flash on the 0-coast in time with your sequences/playing on the A4, you should be able to connect something to the LINE OUT on the 0-coast and hear it making sound. This may sound basic, but MIDI and CV connections do not carry audio, just to be clear.


Ok I was able to get it working via MIDI and play the 0-coast on the A4! Here is a demo:

I also can use the FX with the 0coast from the A4 which is lot of fun to add sonic options to the already massive features of the 0coast. What I did was to connect the line output from the 0coast to the ext In jack on the A4 and make sure the levels were audio under the Ext In FX settings and MID is working so I can play the keys on the A4 to manage the 0coast.

Now to figure out the CV stuff later on. I think that if I can get the OT issues fixed then I will be happy next as I can use MIDI for the A4 with the 0coast.

How did you go with this man? I successfully set it all up today so if you need any help feel free to hit me up. It is really pretty easy in the end