Need help setup Elektron A4 with No Coast over CV

Hi all,

I just got my new Make Noise 0coast and trying to setup over CV with my Analog 4. This is my setup

Any ideas why I cannot get the 0coast sounds to come through and let me play on keyboard of the A4?

I tried MIDI as well and that did not work either.

@LyingDalai? :wink:
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Your connections are wrong here. You have to set up one of the a4 cv’s (e.g. CvA) to volt per octave and patch that cable to the 1V/Oct input on the 0 coast on the bottom of the oscillator section.
Then you choose Gate for e.g. CvB on the A4 and patch that cable into the gate input of the 0 coast on the contour section.
Judging on your picture, I recommend reading the 0coast manual thoroughly.
Btw. You can play the 0 coast via the A4 keyboard, but you can’t sequence it via midi from the a4


Off topic but just to say again your metronome version was great! :wink:


Haha. I thank you off topic very much


Thanks so if I have the Elektron CV splitter do hickie cable how would I use this with the Nocoast and A4?

What does that mean?

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Sorry long day learning all this new gear! The audio cv cable from

I’m trying to use it with my Korg volca and no coast gear for sampling into OT and A4

First, you can’t sample any gear with the A4, that can only be done with the OT.
The most straight forward way to sequence your 0-coast is via midi from the OT.
Simply connect midi, choose a channel on the OT midi track (the 0-coast listens to all channels by default) and you’re good to go. Simple as that.
If you want to use the A4, then use the search function on this forum. There are countless threads about setting up the A4 for cv sequencing. On the 0-coast, you have to patch it like I described above


Yes, Elektron CV split cable is good for sending CV and Gate signals to modular synths. As @Unifono was saying, you have your connections wrong. From A4 mk2 you can send three types of signals to 0-coast:

  1. MIDI via MIDI out from A4mk2 to MIDI in of 0-coast using standard MIDI cable and 0-coast included adapter (MIDI to 3,5mm TRS jack). These signals can not be sequenced but you can use the keyboard. Check the MIDI channels on both machines to be on the same channel. Easypeasy.
  2. Gates from CV port of A4mk2 to typically the GATE input in the Contour section (or wherever). Thats the easiest way to use internal sequencer of A4mk2 with external gear.
  3. CV signals from CV port of A4mk2 to typically the 1V/OCT input (or wherever). Gate and CV signals can be sequenced by A4. You probably want to tune the CV signals. Or not. Whatever rocks your boat.

You can find more information from youtube or RTFM here


It’s a very good manual.


Can you use the output of the 0coast as an osc (like L-in and R-in or whatever) on the a4? I’ve always wanted to try that but I haven’t got any gear that wants CV to control it :slight_smile:

yes can go from the 0-coasts outs into the A4 input and apply the A4’s fx or filter etc…


Yes, you can send signals from 0-coast to A4mk2 and there are two ways to do that.

  1. Like @Unifono said, its possible to get line level audio signal from Line Out of 0-coast and feed to Ext In on A4mk2.
  2. You can also feed CV level audio signal from DYNMC Out of 0-coast to CV In of A4mk2 to modulate the A4mk2.

DO NOT MIX THESE SIGNALS as DYNMC is way too hot (up to 10V peak-to-peak) for line input of A4mk2.

Modular world is not always geared towards simplicity and ease but yeah, Makenoise is making not only some of the most user friendly synths on modular market but also the best manuals IMO.


I don’t even have a 0-coast but it’s interested me so I’ve downloaded and read a bunch of the manual…
As far as manuals go, it really is a good one…


Got it and sorry I was trying to learn so many new gears at one time dude! I mean learning the A4, OT, Volca Beats, and 0-coast is tons of stuff to master at once :slight_smile:

Even a genius like you has to admit that :slight_smile:
Anyways its all good fun. I have the OT sequence the 0-coast and was lot of fun sequencing it and using the OT to play the keyboard for the synth and patching the 0-coast makes me want to get into modular one day. I am digging the quirkiness of west coast synthesis with my taste into Make Noise gear compared to the Moog Sub 37 I cut my teeth on.

The Korg Volca beats is probably the easiest piece of gear to get working right away and I love the tiny size and sounds are decent. It is no Digitakt or Rytm but for beats I don’t need that level of features yet.

I will go back and watch the videos and read the guides and manuals recommended. Thank you guys for your patience and help, I really do appreciate it!

Of all the gears, the OT is the deepest in many ways. I love the option to craft your very own wave forms and such with the LFO editor which is way cool! I took a boring empty patch from the A4 and make a wacky patch with it.

Oh god. I hope you’re just making fun of me

For sure. That’s quite impossible.
I would concentrate only on OT or A4 and nothing else

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No worries @Unifono was kidding :slight_smile:

yeah the OT is the focus as it has most all around utility in terms of what I can squeeze out of my gear in terms of sampling and live performance a workstation.

The included samples from Elektron are decent as well as the free soundpacks.
Hopefully Elektron one day releases Overbridge for it.

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Warning! Warning! Overbridge mentioned! Warning! Warning!


I would stop hoping