Need some advice on playing various synths in time

-Octa II
-MiniBrute 2s
-Korg MS-20
-Virus B

What’s your suggestions for getting all them in time, sequencing tips, midi setup etc.

First, buy one of these

Then you can have the Octatrack control and/or sync everything.


agreed . so much easier than messing about with midi thru on different devices.

and remember to turn on midi ext clock receive on the boxes (except octatrack).
and just to make things easier.
set td-3 to midi channel 3.
mini brute2s to midi channel 2.

basically keep things as simple as possible.


I have the Quadra thru for linking them. I’m assuming I go from OT II out into Quadra in and then all the other synths Midi in to the Midi thru?

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Yep, that’ll do it

Everything seems to be fine but I can’t figure out why the MiniB 2 is not in time… It’s showing the right tempo but it’s way off. Should I sequence it with the OT or use it’s own sequencer?

Not super familiar with the MB2, but most MIDI headaches can be cured by checking the manual and troubleshooting accordingly. It’ll likely be some setting or other that’s wrong somewhere.

The joy of a setup like yours is the option to sequence gear however you like. From what I know about the MB2s, it has a great sequencer. No reason not to use both sequencers.


buy a Pyramid?

Get on the Cirklon wait list… thank me in 3 years time

My own solution has been to use the DAW as master clock via a SyncGen (and previously a USAMO). But if you’re not using a DAW then that won’t help.

Could be a setting somewhere or could be an example of some sequencers having garbage sync; with nothing that can be done about it. (I have no personal experience with Arturia)

Up to you. But reducing the number of concurrent sequencers should (in theory) reduce the possibility for sync issues.

First find which machines have midi IN OUT and THRU.

Then find which machines only have midi IN OUT.

Not 100% sure but I would assume the virus has full midi IN OUT THRU.

So you can go
OT master > Virus.
Then Virus to Minibrute >TD3 > MS20. Or what ever order you want.

Or you could use a midi splitter, like a Quadra Thru.

The MS20 and TD3 will be the wild cards, as they have limited midi implimentation.

Good luck.

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