Need someone to test a Sample Chain

Oh that’s a shame, I think it must be the checksum that’s wrong, the file is basically built the same way as Octachainer as far as I can tell, although I’m using a totally different framework & compiler. I’m a bit stumped.

Ahhh! I think I’ve got it!

Moved (461.1 KB)

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Still happening. :frowning:

I create a few chains with Octachainer, just to check. Everything went smooth there…

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oh damn I’m stumped, I really thought that was it. I’ll have another look with fresh eyes tomorrow, thanks for all you help!

Let me know via PM when you have created an account on hgsounds & the email you registered with :slight_smile:

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Ok here’s 3 more tests, the 1st is just writing out a loaded OChainer produced file, the 2nd is me loading & reconstructing that file from scratch & the 3rd is the KC code as it stands. If the last one works then its a win. (1.2 MB)
Test (1.2 MB)
Test (823.9 KB)

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The first one loads without error, no slices
The second one loads without error, 16 slices
The third one is like we had yesterday, it gives me "sample load errors!, but it loads with 16 slices and plays…

Now that you know that the second one work, does that help you further? Can you use that to troubleshoot your code?

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wow, not sure why no 1 failed lol, that was the one that I thought was guaranteed, not that it matters.

Yes and no, they are doing exactly the same process but with different input data, it’s baffling. I calculated the checksum with the same function on 2 & 3 so I’m fairly certain now that the checksum isn’t the problem. Perhaps one of the settings is out of scope, but I can’t see which parameter it could be…

There really isn’t much to it, no.2 has verified that my functions are working including the checksum calculation, so that is something.

tbh I thought a few more people would have chimed in on here, it’s all fallen to you :slight_smile:

On other news I’ve added Sample Chains as an input source today, so Kit Creator can now convert to any/all of the export formats. It automatically splits the WAV into slices. It’s still locked to 16 as the whole system is based around 16 Pads/samples at the moment but once I’m happy with the framework I’ll be expanding it.

Tbh one of the major incentives for me adding Sample chain support is because I made a lot in the years I had an OT. At one point I had 2, one was a dedicated Drum Machine with all 256 slots permanently filled with Sample Chains. It will be great to get these converted to other formats.

I might have found it, yeah yeah yeah…

test (723.6 KB)

Yeah, OT is a great drum machine! I just mine for drums for the first year almost entirely.

Yeah, kinda strange. You didn’t mix up the files somehow?

Unfortunately still the same. But…the error just pops up, nothing actually seems wrong. I’ve played a bit with the last chains you gave me to confirm - they work. Ofc it doesn’t look good for a software to produce an error msg when its output is used…but it’s like the error doesn’t mean anything really.

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oh, I’ve caught my mistake, it’s a mistake i really shouldn’t be making at my age, but it is what it is… :slight_smile:

If this one doesn’t work… (832.3 KB)

Yeah it needs to work properly, but I’m still in beta though so I’ll release with known issue if this doesn’t fix it. I’m keen to get the pending changes from the last few days in the wild so people can test.

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Still no luck. :frowning:

That error message is so highly unspecific btw.! :laughing:

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Yeah totally unhelpful! :slight_smile: