Need someone to test a Sample Chain

I’ve added OT Sample Chain as an export to Kit Creator, however I no longer own an Octatrack & so need someone to test a generated Sample chain ASAP :slight_smile:

It’s 16 slices using drum sounds & the .ot is just using basic settings & slice markers.

From the code point of view it all checks out & I get back what I put in, I’ve also added the slices to the WAV too which are taken from the SC positions & so will be exactly the same positions. The only think I’m a bit concerned with is the checksum although it should work.


EDIT: didn’t work…

It only has two slices, slice 59 and slice 60.
Edit, I also get “sample load errors!”, but can load it onto a track.

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ahhhh, I’m missing something then, back to the drawing board, thanks for testing! I wish i still had an OT right now.

There’s only a small section at the beginning of the sample set with start and end points and the last slice is at the end of the sample.

What exactly do you need in the sample?
Each single sample in the chain as a slice?

I grabbed the struct from the Octachainer page. I’m wondering if its an endian issue because its Big Endian in the Octa Chainer output even though my Juce test says this Mac is little endian. I should maybe write to file using little endian to see it that solves it.

I’ve been developing an app over the last 8-9 months for generating 16 Pad sample Kits from folders of samples, I’m just currently adding OT as an export type for it.


Ah, cool!
This is what’s happening on the slice page, only these two are present:

If you want me to test another one, let me know.

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I don’t think my Endian test was working, if you could try this one that would be great

EDIT: didn’t work…

here’s the little as well, but I think this will be the same as the last one & the big is the correct one.

EDIT: didn’t work…

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Both give me “sample load errors” again.

Little Endian appears similar as the one I checked last time: one slice (58 this time) at the beginning and one (59) at the end, with Big Endian it’s slice 9 and 10, otherwise also similar.

I checked the Octatrack log files, but nothing in there.

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ahhhh ok, thats a shame, I’ll have another look tomorrow. I’ll do some comparisons with Octachainer exports. I could really do with an OT for a couple of days :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing!

If you could test this if you get a chance, this is just Octachainer output, just be 100% sure this is working. I used it for years when I had an OT so I’m sure it does, but my entire reality is based on this being a working ot file!

OC (1.2 MB)

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I’m fairly confident in this one, I’ve wrapped my head around the Endian & Checksum issues hopefully. (585.7 KB)

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The Octachainer chain works. I’ve never had any issues with Octachainer anyways.

The other one does also work (drum kit chain with 16 slices), but loading onto a slot does promt “Sample load errors”.

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Thanks, me neither with OC, I just wanted to be sure that particular file was 100% reliable as a reference.

So the WAV won’t load? Is that an issue with the WAV itself, ie will it load without the ot file there. I don’t think i made any changes to the WAV export code since yesterday. I wonder if the OT has an issue with the CUE markers…

BTW I’ll sort you out with a Kit Creator license in return for your help, if you create an account on & pm me your email I’ll get it added for you :slight_smile:

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No, no, it does load and everything appears to be ok! It’s just that OT displays the error message. I saved the sample settings in OTs audio editor to check (without changing anything) and now the error is gone.

Sounds like it could be possible. I’ve to quickly head to the store, I’ll check later if there’s anything I can figure out.

Thank you, that’s very nice!

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Oh that’s good then sounds like its almost there! I’m still unclear if it’s a problem with the WAV or ot file so it would be good to know that. If it’s with the ot file, I’m wondering if its the checksum again, although I’m pretty convinced after loading & saving the above test file that the checksum calculation is working as it should.

I’ll send another set, but this time with no CUE meta data in the WAV file to see if that helps.

I’ll also look through to see if there’s something I have forgotten to set, a few of the settings I have no idea what they are for, I’m only interested in the splits for what I’m doing.

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This one has no meta in the WAV file.

no (731.8 KB)

Similar as the one before; it does load and play, 16 slices also work correctly, but when loaded onto a slot the error is displayed.
It’s not unusual for the OT to display an error, but still load the file btw.

Again I saved the settings (without any changes) and loaded the file again. No error message.

If saving the settings in OT’s audio editor gets rid of the error message, doesn’t that point to the .ot file as the problem?

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yeah I think its something in the ot, I’m not really sure what though, I’m using the file saved with Octachain as a template & just replacing the splits, split number & (TrimEnd) sample size. I’ll have another look. It’s great news that the splits are working & that it isn’t the WAV cue meta causing it though.

Do you ever get errors like this with Octachain files? I haven’t had an OT for a few years now & so can’t really remember, but do vaguely remember the occasional error message although I’m pretty sure I never did with Octachain exports.

OK, this one is fully constructed by my code. Kit Creator has a template system I’d prefer to use but there’s probably not much point for sample chains anyway. I am now crossing my fingers. (396.6 KB)

Unfortunately same as before, error message pop up, but besides that everything appears and works alright.

Not that I remember. Although, I’ve had that same error message and loading the file some time ago. I’m trying to find the project that had it…Of course it could have been be a different problem, but maybe it can provide some clues.