Neighbor Machine Bypass?

Hi everyone, not sure if I’m missing the obvious here but hey Octatrack packs so many functions that I sometimes have hard time figuring out what I’m doing wrong… :stuck_out_tongue:

Setup :

  • Any synth in input CD
  • T5 as Thru machine
  • T6 is neighbor
  • So is T7.

T5 has lo_fi and spatializer.
T6 has some crazy delay random dry/wet effect using all track lfos.
T7 Is some sort of mixing track with filter and eq.

Is there a simple way to bypass T6 and T7 and getting the post fx of T5 only ?

I can setup this with a scene with all sends value to 0 and all lfo modulating sends to 0, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way like some sort of mute neighbor and let the flow pass trough unaffected…

Thanks a lot for yout insights !


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That’s a solution, thanks !

Nothing else possible ?

Always weird workarounds possible with OT, so what about using a Flex playing a recording of previous track instead of a Neighbor track ?
Almost same behaviour with more possibilities.
I have to mention again Recorders + Flex can reproduce all machines, with more possibilities.

I don’t especially like Neighbor tracks because of mutes weirdness.


I was expecting something like that ! Not disappointed !

That’s a nice solution indeed ! Just setuped multiple flexes reading buffer one while it’s recorded and that is working great, not to mention you have acces to retrig and rate parameters as cherry on the cake on every machines !

Just messed with with a nord G2 pad as source and by cascading the flexes got wonderfull results !

Thanks a lot all !

This machine is just incredible !


I’m a total OT newbie trying to wrap my mind around this pretty interesting idea: Won’t this duplicate the original signal on each of the flex machines playing back that buffer? How are you guys avoiding that?

The only way I can figure out would be in case where only 100% wet FX are used (ie. with delay/reverb fx types)?

Yes and 100% wet fx is the best solution I think.
You can lower volumes too to compensate.
Original signal can be muted.

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Just to add to this topic, I finally found a bug I did not manage to track down using this method.

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, playback of the flex machine stops and back to normal at the next trigger.

Rec trig is on step 1 and is working as expected.
Playback trigger has no condition, it is a simple playback trig on step 1.
Most of the time it works, but randomly, it just stops playing then restart at the next trig…

I have nothing that sipts out midi to this track channel.

Is that sound familiar to any of you ?

what is the trig length (“hold”/“release”, can´t remember which one is the actual gate length) of the playback trig?

I remember I once had a weird problem that sounded a bit like this when I managed to set my trig lenght not to “inf”(inite), but to a very long trig length that was also like 1.5x the lenght of my pattern

So every other loop-around, it would randomly stop playing in the middle of the bar, then start again on the 1, of course.

that must have been 2 OS-versions ago, though.

Thanks for the insinght, gonna check if I can solve the issue by tweaking trig lenght.