Neighbour Pad gets triggered, Bug?

Hey guys, i dont know if it’s a mechanical issue (hope not) but:
When i press the LT Pad the OH Pad often gets triggered, too (50%). Does not depend on the mode (it really sucks in mute mode)
The OH pad itself is not over-sensitive. I have to push it quiet Hard. And it doesnt matter how hard or slight i press the LT pad. Any ideas on that, already wrote a support ticket…

Don’t know if it is the same, but since the os update CH9 volume gets affected by trigs on OH10 even if they are not on the same trig relatively speaking. Previously I could put a CH9 pattern like -x- and a OH10 pattern like x-x without problems, but now the volume or some track parameter gets affected.

Seems like updating solved my problem. Pheww

Re-occured :frowning: ufuk said i have to send it to HQ for repair