Neofolk live act

Dear All,
Is that anybody who uses Elektron devices for live act in neofolk, folktronica genres?
Like this

I’d imagine any analog or digital poly synth capable of some interesting pads would do well. Analog Four or Digitone on the Elektron front, but plenty of cheaper vintage things out now, along with the newer offerings from Korg, DSI, etc.

Good Luck!

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Thank you! We are using DT, DN and A4 for live acts and in studio as well
However lots of our songs composed on these devices.
I’m just wondering if there any group in this genre who is using Elektrons, like we are

I’m not in any group of this genre but since I’m here… I’ve been listening to Heilung/Danheim for a while and this sounds like a nice way to pursue this journey. I can’t understand a single word of what you guys are saying (GTranslate says it’s hungarian, is that right ?) but I like it. Also, nice use of the jew’s arp.

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yes it’s hungarian :slight_smile: but Heilung also sings in a strange language

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