Back in 1998 when the Internet was a lot more fun and free, there was a Shockwave games site called ‘Netbabyworld’. It was super cool. Lots of pixel-art style games.

The design of the games and the promotional material had a certain look which might look familiar to Elektron fans.

I bought a sticker sheet from them. Today, as I was going through my archives I found the sticker sheet and thought I’d take a photo and share here.

Machinedrum / Monomachine anyone? :kissing_heart:


Same designer? Or coincidence?

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Not coincidence. I know some of the Netbaby gents. Elektron people were involved. Tho I think this was even before SID Station, so not sure Elektron existed as more than an idea and a first product in the making, at the time.


Very cool, I’m a sucker for that era of flash game but never stumbled across this at the time. Are the games still hosted anywhere?

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Ah the good ol’ days when we used to hang out for posts to k10k for cool web design, NTK for tech memes and pretty much anything Praystation published was fun to luxuriate in (as long as your PC didn’t bork over some Shockwave plugin memory leak).


Yes, Jesper Kouthoofd. You might remember him from design classics such as the Machinedrum, OP-1 etc… :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen these Netbaby stickers before! Some of that stuff was lying around the old Elektron office in Gothenburg though. Hilarious that the typeface and logo are so similar to what became the Elektron identity.


Hiding in plain sight:

I have some early Elektron leaflets and stickers in the same style, if I ever find them I will upload them.

Rotate 90° and recycle. Thanks for posting! :ok_hand:

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The site is still up but there’s not much you can do with it. You might have to dig out an old PPC Mac with System 9 and take a look :joy:

Good times.