Neumann MT48 Audio Interface (4 in 8 out)

Not my need or budget, but I’m sure it’ll be of interest to someone. According to their words:

Dynamic Range
AD conversion with four times the resolution of competing devices: 136 dB-A.

78 dB gain: Get the most precious detail out of any mic, even ribbons.

0.035 ohms output drives any headphones to their best (exceeds external headphone amps).

Ease of use
The touch display gives access to all settings, no software needed.

DSP: Four internal mixers
With sophisticated EQ, ­dynamics processing, and ­reverb.

Full connectivity
The MT 48’s connectivity may be expanded via ADAT / S/PDIF and AES67; a MIDI interface is also integrated.

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Pricey, but pretty crazy specs.

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laggy slideshow touchscreen, no thanks.