Never change (or animate) your avatar please

guys. i have the hardest time remembering who is who after the avatar changes… just saying…


So I know I have no right to ask this, but, those flashy avatars some people have hurt my eyes a bit. Can you just make them static?
Doesn’t hurt to ask :sparkler: :calling:


Grrrr, them flashers! I scroll past so I don’t have a seizure


Yep, same.

Yeah. @Fin25 just switched his avatar to a blinky version. Good thing I’m not epileptic.:wink:

Hmm. I got hate mail a while back about mine, some ppl just hate the Tomorrow People :frowning:


I’m not that rude


@Cepheid no-one likes a grass


this is so 2020.
«you better restrict your freedom yourself, because it can make someone uncomfortable.»


It was the politest of polite requests :grin:. It’s distracting, not offensive. I don’t really get why someone would care enough to want to write something, then stick an epilepsy test next to it. Maybe I’m more easily distracted than others. I just scroll past anyway :man_shrugging:


I actually appreciate that a lot. I still suffer from post concussion syndrome and viewing electronic displays is hard on my nervous system, especially moving, flashing image :smile:

(One might of course rightfully ask what i m doing in an online forum if that s my condition. I d answer i ve let go of so many things in my life, please don t take my synth nerding away too :smile: )


I’m not sure having flashy avatars on Elektronauts counts as an exercise of freedom.
The point is, I chose a flashy avatar, which it was then pointed out (very politely) was annoying some folks. I then chose to change said avatar. There was no avatar shaming, no calls to have me cancelled and not one person seems to have been offended based on challenges to their identities.
I have worked with many people with Epilepsy and other neurological differences which might cause photosensitivity. Though I seriously doubt my flashy avatar would trigger seizures or other serious responses, I do understand that it could be distracting and annoying for others, so chose to remove it. Had I chosen not to remove it, then that would also have been my choice and would have to have been respected.


Also 2020

“Hey could you take me into consideration?”


Yours was a tame one Fin :wink:

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unfortunately, taking someone into consideration usually means forbidding something to everyone else. at least these days.

believe me or not, but in some 20 years many of us will feel nostalgic about times when everyone could use for avatars whatever (s)he wants and change whenever (s)he wants, because there will be detailed regulations of this. everywhere.

Difficult topic. We ll also look back on this time when hords of anonymous online thugs fiendishly attacked people for being outspoken women/queers/religious/atheists/political partizans/etc. Endless examples of one persons online ‘freedom’ being detrimental to another persons can be made. I do think a balance has to be found. Not sure what that should be exactly though.


regarding such things as avatars, i think i know proper solution.
it could be in software preferences.
enabling/disabling animated images playback, enabling/disabling loading new images once they’ve changed … stuff like that.

maybe it will happen someday.

but looking at debates here and there, i also can see certain drift to more detailed reglamentations and restrictions. it’s a trend. (which makes me a bit paranoid, because i grew up in Soviet Union and i remember too well how it all works.)


This is a nice solution :+1: