New A4 MK2 faulty LED, yellow trig button

I just contacted my dealer, he asked me to send him the photos and he’ll contact Elektron and swap it for a new one if nothing can be done. Unfortunately I can’t just take it there and ask for a new unit because we are in different cities.

Elektron still hasn’t replied to my ticket and my dealer is also waiting for a reply from them to confirm that it’s faulty and exchange it for a new one… Losing my patience here, this isn’t going very well… :roll_eyes:

Going to wait until tomorrow and if nothing happens I’m going to ask for a refund. This is ridiculous.


Very nice…

What is really pissing me off in these reports (quite a few of them just on this site) is that people cannot return their machines for a replacement and are being told to wait… for Elektron to deem it’s OK to send a replacement?
What is the 3 year guarantee worth then???

It is not f***ing OK…I would ask for my money back immediately.

Every shop where i bought gears when i have a problem i give proof, i return they send a new item back to me… But when i receive something i extensively test it in every way i do not let the 30 days return back period to be OFF because after that it’s not instant RETURN (but in the 30 days the shop can’t say NO).

You can even download the Retract Form (from the online music shop), Send it back by postal service and ask for a new one. (but it’s better to call them, they generally give a pre-paid for the return)

If the problem can’t be fixed by a firmware update…
People have to put pressure, that’s their money the gear must work as expected. (i mean no bugs making the machine unusable )

But i never had problems neither with Thomann, Music Store, Stars Music & WoodBrass

I tried my A4 MKII in test mode

I get 1 error
But all the key colour combinations are fine!
However pressing keys 5+6 which lights up all purple, it stays on and doesn’t go off when you release
the 5+6 buttons.

I think this error could be down to that last V1.30 update. Have factory rest, but does not clear that single error.

Anyone contacted Elektron and made them aware of this ?

I did, on Friday. No response yet.

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fwiw my new A4 mk2 shows 1 Error:
AUDIO(-) 123

After Factory Reset it had only AUDIO(-) 1, but then after restarting it is now back to AUDIO(-) 123.

Syn303 might be right.
I created a support ticket.

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I had a response:

“Hi, The audio error is a bug in the current firmware test mode and will always report an audio error.

Remember that Namm is coming up, so Elektron is quite busy to response fast.


i had this, informed elektron, they asked me to send it back, had a new one… didn´t have that problem anymore…


These don’t match.

I can understand developers and programmers being at NAMM but why would those who work at Customer Support be there?

I don’t understand your local dealer, it’s clear that the trigger key 10 led is defect. So no need to wait and swap it for a new one.

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Really ? That seems like an odd business decision to me. Cenk, who certainly used to be part of Support, is always at trade shows - they’re recruiting developers right now - I doubt the rest are all off on a jolly

There is a double whammy of support catching up on the festive period support enquiries exacerbated by some(presumably) of support prepping for NAMM - and, evidently, these QA issues with the recent devices will increase the demands further compared to say last year - either way, whilst patience may be tricky, you’re clearly protected and at least it’s a working machine as opposed to one with a broken PSU e.g.

I have a sense that things are extremely busy there but this will ease in the coming month (or two) - we’re all waiting for something fwiw (i have a less important outstanding support query too)

On no occasion have I waited for more than 24h to get a response on my support ticket and a recent repair request for my OT MK2 took about a day and a half to be taken care of and shipped back to my retailer. Maybe ping them again?

Oh I did. After the initial message, I sent 2 more with more photos and info. And again yesterday, showing my frustration. Still no reply.

I just sent back my A4, I’m either getting a new one sent tomorrow or a refund.

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Finally got a reply from Elektron support. Its not saying much, but at least they responded. It’s a start, I guess.

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he (your dealer) shouldn’t be waiting for anything from elektron that is BS - it is their (dealers) job to wait and not ours as customers - me: “hey dude ill take a refund or you swap the unit how does that sound”.

of course there is something not quite right, how serious only elektron will know but its not 100% so the shop should just sack up.

good luck mate


My retailer just shipped a new A4, it should be here tomorrow. I hope I don’t get a lemon again, fingers crossed.


good luck , crossing my fingers for you bro


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I got my new A4 a few hours ago- it seems to be working perfectly. No stuck buttons either. I just had a small session with it and it was very fun. What wasn’t fun is that I got a parking ticket while I was picking it up, lol. I had better weeks :stuck_out_tongue: