New A4 MK2 faulty LED, yellow trig button

Just got my A4 MK2 and button 10 is yellow. It can turn red while in rec mode but not white, like the others. I also updated to the latest OS.

Is it faulty or am I missing something obvious? :frowning:

lock trigs are indicated by yellow OR Sound like your perfomance 10 is mutted

Don’t worry it’s not faulty you just have to recognize the different TRIG types and the color code
Search function in the MANUAL in PDF : word YELLOW


Two types of trigs exist, note trigs and lock trigs (previously called trigless locks). Note trigs trig notes
while lock trigs can be used to apply parameter locks without trigging notes. Note trigs are indicated by
red [TRIG] keys and lock trigs are indicated by yellow [TRIG] keys. For more information, please see
“10.12.1 PARAMETER LOCKS” on page 45. The two types of trigs are entered differently depending on
whether GRID or LIVE recording mode is active.

Use test mode on boot up – look in the manual. I’ve done it for a Digitakt but not for any Mk2. It allows you to test the color on LEDs. (Plus it’s fun for nerds like me.)

It’s an empty project, it shouldn’t have any trig locks, right? Even if it is a lock, is there a way to deactivate it so I can see that it’s not faulty?

I just did that, it can display Red, Green, on Blue it stays off :frowning:

Red + Green - Blue == Amber or Yellow
Red + Green + Blue == White

Sorry sounds like this is a send it back!

I have something and it’s a bug for now it should be fixed… When i create a new/empty project i have graphic ui parts missing when i clear the Track all come back to normal…

Try to CLEAR everything Sound, trk, pattern, kit, sound etc…
Maybe it will fix that

NOT LIKELY. This is most likely hardware. A bad LED or solder connection.

probably but he does not lose anything to try


Yep, its faulty, performed the test. No errors should be reported according to the manual


Also i would BACKUP my kits sound or whatever NOW with C6
Thenn i would do an empty RESET, then a Format +Drive, then an empty Reset, then a Factory reset… if the problem is always there … then SHOP for REPLACEMENT

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I add also some weird things… i made a TEST and it shown audio errors… when i reset it before to call the shop all is come back to normal and the test mode don’t show errors then…

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Actually i think this is reporting some other problem, i don’t think it sees if an LED doesn’t turn on, although i could be wrong. (I have written a lot of diagnostic programs in my life – i am a nerd.)

Perhaps your A4 skipped QA? Not good regardless.

I also had problems with my DT. As a relatively new Elektron customer, I am VERY disappointed.

2 boxes, both faulty.

Shits happen :wink: the most important is to be covered 3 YEARS no matter what …

I didn’t buy directly from Elektron, got both boxes from my local dealer.

I’m afraid a t-shirt won’t cut it. I’ve been saving for a long time, got really excited both times and then I got disappointed and stressed. It’s a shitty situation. I know that stuff like this happen, but come on, do some freaking quality control for God’s sake??

Who knows how long this will take, it could be weeks.


I had to play Tetris with my gear to fit everything, I had to rearrange quite a lot on my desk. Also have other stuff not shown.

I hooked up everything after the rearrangement, switched the A4 for the first time, beer in hand, ready for an all nighter and boom, a huge turn off. Instead of learning it, I’m here bitching about it. I mean it’s obviously usable and I’ll get back to it in the weekend but right now I’m pissed lol

While in test mode, button combinations display different LED colors:

It’s obvious that number 10 is faulty. I’m posting these for future reference, just in case someone else comes across this problem.

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@starmanwarz take it back to the shop and swap it for a new one on the spot because that sucks dude, you don’t have to wait for it to be sent to elektron because your rights as a consumer are protected, that’s why you use a shop and why a premium is paid, it’s also their job and they make a large percentage from being a dealer. It’s their job to be the middle man and have downtime.