New Analog Heat owner - Question about my setup

Hi, hope everyone is doing okay!!

I just recieved my Analog Heat Mk2 and i will be setting it up tomorrow. I just wanted to ask a quick question regarding connecting it to my setup.

I currently have other Elektron gear routed straight to my PC via something similar to Overhub (USB Hub) and I then create an Aggregated Device so all instruments show as 1 interface in Logic Pro X. I’m confused though, when it comes to the analog heat, my plan is to use it on bus tracks and stereo out as a master tool, so will i need to add it to my Aggregated device list? or can it work completely standalone? Once the plug in is on my channels strip, does the software then take complete control of routing?

Sorry if this is a noob question, but this will eat away at me until i get to try it out myself, which won’t be for another 20 hours nearly :frowning:

Thankyou in advance

Might want to use the VST in the DAW then?

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It works stand alone via overbridge. Just make sure to update your heat to the latest firmware and download latest version of overbridge.
Then you can place the plugin on what ever channel, bus or master you want and the sound will be routed through your analog heat. And you can always only affect 1 channel, bus or master channel at once, you cannot load up two instances of the plugin.

For me the analog heat mkII works well with overbridge meanwhile my digitone doesn’t. Good luck!