New Analogkeys/Four Sound pack Analog4Classic

New Analogkeys/Four Sound pack Analog4Classic

Available at Analog 4 Classic


Sounds nice!

Does it work with A4MKII also or are some sound deviations to be expected, e. g. while using overdrive/saturation?

Very impressive range of sounds in the demo!

Thanks for your compliments.
For this sound pack i dont use the distortion effect exept on 1 sound with a very little value.
This sound pack was made on an Analogkeys and should sound the same on an A4 MKII or with very tiny differences.


Sounds great :+1:

Analogkeys/four is very capable with the first filter for Moog ladder sounds and the second one for OTA roland or Ob sounds.
With 2 Osc, 4 voices Polyphonic and multitimbral for the second hand price it’s a very very nice peace of gear.

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Thanks mate. I’m buying this to use after work. Cheers

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