New Behringer Clone .. = Crave

From Behringer Academy Facebook page

Guess the PCB!
We are cooking something new.
What is it? Shoot…


If it’s a 303 then it wouldn’t be a just a clone :thinking: a 303 has a different layout. For me it looks more like something between a Moog Mother 32 and a DFAM.

Definitely something with a sequencer, because of all the mini outputs. And I see a mini keyboard in the right corner.

The section bottom left is clearly the same layout as their new sequencer that’s going to be in the 101 and Odyssey clones. Similar number of patch points to the M32 or even an Oberheim expander…

Hey, who cares, I hope it’s something entirely new. I love my behringer gear, happy to welcome more to the stable…


Ok clever clogs… clone is the wrong term - reinvention maybe? its the lower right keyboard switches that clicked

Have to agree - have an XR18 and ultrapatch and never a problem

Really looking forward to their Pro-One clone too. Had an original back in the day, sold it when I got dazzled by all those 1990’s spangly new poly synths. Really wish I’d kept it!

Can someone explain me why a sequencer has separate outputs for ever step, instead of just one gate/pitch output?
For me it looks like a sequencer with 16 steps, two parameters per step, a start trigger or something and a small keyboard, which indicates that it is probably no drum machine.

Edit: Maybe it has 16 tracks with one gate and pitch for each!

All sits quite nicely with my Mk1’s too…

The Monologue doesn’t usually sit there. Normally there’s a Digitakt in the middle of the RYTM/A4, but I’d swapped it out for amoment to take a snap just of the analogue side of things to send to a mate…


Nah, I think it’s another semi-modular, but in a different form factor with all the patch points along the top/back instead of the side.

It’s going to be something akin to the Mother 32 I reckon.

I see…
15 pots
9 toggle switches
midi in / out
1 octave of keyboard switches
33 patch points

not sure :slight_smile:

Try a similar count on the Mother 32…

You maybe onto something - pity I don’t do Moog

That was very likely.
That would be really brazen by Behringer and would damage the reputation of the company. But on the other hand, so far it has always worked. The Behringer Model D is sold out almost everywhere!

I’m not suggesting they’re going to clone the Mother32, just that I think they’re probably doing something similar in terms of a semi-modular monosynth with a sequencer built in.

If it’s even half as good as my Boog and the Neutron i’ll be all over it…

I could even imagine Behringer creating a synthesizer inspired by the 303, as de title suggests. Of course it can be a new semimodular synthesizer, but I’m sure it will not be a 1: 1 copy, otherwise the synth nerds would have figured out what it is. The photo has been on the net for several weeks already.

an sem model ? hope so , love their filters!

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It may be an optical illusion but I think I spot a 4-pole ladder filter.

Is this really new or could this be this under the hood of the me101? I don’t get the Jack’s across the top. I’m still on the fence about buying things from behringer again but I am really looking hard at the neutron and hoping this is something new based on a 303 or avalon type of semi modular piece.

Is the neutron and the boog really worth I? Bc I’m dancing with getting the neutron or going with a dfam. Mind you should know I do have a Manther on the way. Opinions pleas!

Step mother 32 ?

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I think in terms of value for money you wont do any better, especially right now while Behringer are trying to improve their reputation. I doubt things will stay quite as cheap once more people realise that quality is not the reason why their £300 purchase is considerably cheaper than the competition. I know my BMD is of far better construction than the offerings I have had from Roland in recent years, they have seriously lost my business due to quality.

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