New Cfast card Memory

Im looking for clarification on how i should set up this empty c fast cards. I wanted to have the folders setup to the oroginial octatrack cfast becuase mine had went kapootz. I cant wven record on chromatoc or record anything as well and i read that i have to set up somehting on mt cfast card first to even start recording so im just looking for some guidance maybe even a facetime or skype of someone is down id love to soak on the knowledge just a little lost on this subject no real infor out there that im seeming to grasp

I’m not sure what cfast is, but you can put a new compact flash card in the Octatrack and format it. Download the manual from and search for “format”.

I think you can also download the original factory content from and then transfer them to the card by connecting a USB cable to your computer and putting the Octatrack in disk mode.

Cfast cards are not compatible me with OT

Use a CompactFlash card of 64GB or less, and 133x or higher.

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Yo ima odiot i meant to type compact lol im nt using cfast