New Elektron Product Idea

I would like to see Elektron develop a “Central Control Hub” that you could plug all the Elektron devices into and control from there. It could have all sort of audio and midi control options.

The hub should be so good that you could do everything you could want with it and therefore put all the other devices under the table.

What are you thoughts?

Its called the Octatrack.


Now why would you want to put these beautiful devices under the table?

Something like this has been suggested before (often referred to as the “Neuron”)…essentially a mixer/midi interface/sequencer/FX unit done Elektron style. I’d be interested, especially if it was able to expand upon the functionality of the existing units. However, it’s also hard to envision them making something that doesn’t greatly crossover with their other gear.

The octatrack is good but it needs more audio inputs. I would also want many for effects at my disposal. Plus a whole bunch of other midi automation and what not.

T2, I would want to put them under the table to save space, and make this more portable.

I dont see how adding an additional box would make your rig more portable. Whats wrong with the controls built in the elektron boxes already?
Why not just record/prepare your set within the octatrack and only need one box to preform with?

As someone who formerly used a 4-channel DJ mixer as the hub of a live hardware setup, I’ve gotta say, I love vertical channel faders with fat knobs above and a crossfader below. A DJ mixing style hub would be pretty awesome. Pairing this with OT might be my next lil’ plan…

I’d like to see them make something that really breaks from the assumed analogue trend, and make something with crazy types of synthesis - like FM, granular, or other. I know you can do some of these with the other machines, but I’m talking about something next level.

I’d also love to see a central mixer/master controller. Maybe something like a Circlon with audio signal processing, and a badass bunch of high quality effects, and lots of IN/OUTs. That integrated with the Elektron sequencer would be fucking bananas. Actually, that might be too much for a human brain to comprehend!

FreeFall, I think you just nailed what I am looking for. I think you should develop it.

I’d like to see a Ryttem without the sampling but with digital machines

I don’t think Elektron are big enough a company to do a box that “only” acts as some master mixer/FX/cirklon like device with lots of inputs. I’d be amazed if it wasn’t their poorest selling item in terms of volume as it’s almost guaranteed whatever they churn out would be in line with their other price points.

Roland, huge in comparrison to Elektorn, have done something for their Aira range but then their entire range plus new mixer thing could pretty much be bought for the same price as an Analog Keys. That isn’t a criticism of Elektron - their machines are worth the outlay in their own way - but just demonstrates the economics involved.

Personally, I’d rather they focussed on a black boxed sequel to the MnM. Something that takes hardware synthesis into a new(ish) direction - imagine Alchemy or Omnisphere’s engine in a box for example (minus the gb’s of samples obviously).

Anyway, as much as I like these dicussions, I can’t see something new from Elektron for some time.

My dream product would be a portable version of the Monomachine. Tablet-thin, battery powered. Think the OP-1 but Elektron.

I love the OP-1 but whenever I use it I just wish it had the power and flexibility of the MNM.

An Elektron version of the Roland Aira MX-1 would kick so much ass. Maybe with Innerlock sync built in too please.

A combinatinon of the RYTTEM but without samples and with digital machines instead.

I’d love some kind of “portastudio” recorder/mixer where I could do multitrack recordings and master the track. I do this on the iPad now and it is more than good enough for my amateurish tracks. But a dedicated device for this would still be cool.

I would also like to see a mixer-y kind of device with perhaps additional sequencing options for other hw AND sw equipment.

Kinda like a sw DAW replacement. With big touch screen (ipad or dedicated) for quick touch modulation, patch management and ARRANGEMENT.

And dedicated control sliders and buttons next to screen, so you see onscreen what any physical controller is doing.

I would love to see mini series of all the machines. Sort of double the height of OP1 with proper jacks and midi. They could just release whole range again. Battery powered.

Other then that combination of Monomachine and Rytm would be really cool. New digital synthesis engines and analog filter with pads, flexibility of Monomachine in terms of routing signal, different track lengths. Also, wish the sequencer had few more modes like brownian, pingpong, using just one button switch would be tons of fun, imagine that with parameter locks, locking the modes, it would be amazing actually :alien: