New Factory Content for Octatrack MKII

Hey there! We’re happy to announce that the MKII factory content is now wrapped up and, from now on, included with all Octatrack MKIIs. For those of you who already purchased and registered the Octatrack MKII, we’ve added this free-of-charge content to the sound pack section of your user account, ready for download and installation. The vast and varied content (by well-known creators such as [Samples from Mars](, [Loopmasters](, [Sample Magic]( and [Origin Sound]( means you’ll have all the raw material you need to produce entire tracks, in pretty much any genre you can think of. How to get the new factory content for your Octatrack MKII: 1. Log in to your user account at 2. [Register]( your Octatrack MKII. 3. Go to the [Sound Packs]( section of your user account to download Octatrack MKII Factory Presets (5 GB) 4. Follow the instructions included with the download on how to load the new content into your Octatrack MKII. _Please note: this is a very large (5 GB), exclusive download for Octatrack MKII users. The file is available for download until early 2018. After this date, contact [support]( for download link._


Didn’t see that coming. Found the Loopmasters stuff that came with it originally a little uninspiring. If the DT content is anything to go by, this will be very cool.

What about accessibility for MK1 users???


pretty slick, if I may say so myself.

This is cool, but the Sound Pack is failing to download for me. I’m not having network issues with anything else, and I can download other Sound Packs from the same page without issue.

I tried, but was unable to access the files. I own a MK1. I didn’t expect to be able to download the samples, however.

I’m not sure why you’d expect Elektron to pay for and then give out a whole bunch of samples to an owner of a legacy product.

This is incentive to buy a MK2.

Can’t confirm. Worked for me without issues.

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Had a quick browse (I usually go after the chord stabs first) and there seems to be a lot of stuff that can either be used as is or mangled into submission on the OT. Well worth the download.

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Getting following error message and/or a file which is 32kb in size when clicking on the download link :frowning:

ERROR downloading. Same issue as above.

Same. After retrying a few times, it did eventually download, but it was a tiny corrupted zip file instead of the actual factory presets.

DL not working for me either, tried on Safari 9.1.3 and Chrome 61.0.3163.100

wonder if hq will make it available for purchase to everyone else.

Working for me

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It IS available for purchase for only $1349 :crazy_face:


Ha! This guy!


Got home from work and refreshed the link, download started immediately.

Edit, I spoke too soon. DL started but was 2k/second. Killed it and attempted to download again, now it fails.

Some great content in this download, for me at least, in particular the Sample Magic and Origin Sound folders. I could do without most of the Loopmasters content though.

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I was finally able to pull the Sound Pack down. I am guessing I am the only one with blank patterns and “file not found” errors when checking the flex slots?

The decompressed file is a full 6BG for me, so it looks OK. But something is off when I try to load it in the OTMKII.

I try doing again and see what happens. Thanks for listening :wink:

Downloaded again. Deleted original from CF, copied new content over. No issues with the files or patterns this time around. I think something was off with my decompression. All is well now. Nice sounding sample content!